How to Earn as Affiliate on Marketplaces: MasterBundles Case

Digital Marketing

Since marketplaces have become the future of e-commerce not only for goods but also for services, it’s really reasonable to consider the affiliate opportunities of these resources. In this article, we’ll take it from start to finish: what’s behind the partnership programs, how to technically start earning as an affiliate, and what is the example of a successful hassle-free realization of such a referral program.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

If you have a blog, a website, or an e-shop, you can always make a profit using a partnership program or a variety of them at once. The purpose is to tell about and recommend products or services to the audience on your resource and to receive a certain commission as an income for it.

Once a person looks through your website, clicks on your referral link, and makes a purchase on your partner’s resource – you earn a certain amount of your partner’s revenue from this deal.

This sounds very attractive, isn’t it? So, now we’re going to show you how to start being an affiliate and receive additional income.

Growing Markets for Affiliates – Graphic & Web Design Marketplaces

Now marketing and targeting specialists should pay more attention to the marketplaces that offer products of graphic and web design as they are likely to bring high income for affiliates. The niche of graphics and UX/UI design is booming, especially after the 2020 events. Interface aesthetics is a key to gaining customers’ trust online and increasing the income of the business, and everybody understands that.

So, convincing people that they need to improve the design of their websites is true and easy. That makes referral programs of digital art marketplaces like MasterBundles a really tasty piece of the pie.

The statistic shows that 94% of first impressions about the website come from its design. Why not buy several new graphics, fonts, icons, or UI elements for the resource and double the revenue as a result?

Below you’ll find the simple steps to join the world of passive income from a popular digital graphic marketplace.

How MasterBundles Welcomes Affiliates

The main thing you need to start benefiting from a referral program is your online resource: a blog, a website, an Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media account with a constant audience. A resource with weak traffic won’t lead you to success in affiliate programs. The more intense the website traffic the bigger your chances for a passive income from a referral program.

MasterBundles Affiliates

To make money online MasterBundles offers their affiliates 15% of earnings from each purchase made on the platform after following the referral link. Let’s calculate: if every day 5 people will buy a product priced at 25$ from MasterBundles, you will get 562.5 dollars per month.

And you can influence this amount to grow in any affordable way. You can even direct people to the free products of the platform, and it will bring you money too. As cookies files are always stored and saved, then even if a person first downloaded something for free from your link, and after visiting to buy a product, you’ll get your 15% anyway.

Your Personal Affiliate Account on MasterBundles

To start a partnership you need to register on the platform via the “Sign In” option on the “Become Our Affiliate” page. Then you’ll receive a personal unique referral parameter, which needs to be added to the link you want to share with the audience on your resource.

Which links can I share for my referral?”, you’ll ask. Pick the ones maximum corresponding to your visitors’ needs. They can lead to MasterBundles’ thematic or multipurpose PowerPoint templates, software graphic elements for UI/UX designs, fonts, icons, stock photos, some extraordinary creative pieces of digital art, or even lifetime accounts. You need to get into the range of products to choose the most relevant for your tasks because 30 000+ pieces of digital art are a huge variety to choose from.

And for a dose of inspiration (and to keep up with the latest trends and exclusive products) visit MasterBundles’ design blog where you can pick an idea for your most effective referral link.

For attracting the audience you can also use the strategy “offering a freebie to earn more”. That means you are referring to a page with free design elements on MasterBundles, which people are interested to download just to try the products for the first time.

And after a person downloads a freebie using your partner link, his/her cookies are saved by the resource, and the next time this person buys something on the marketplace, you’ll already get 15% of the sum of the purchase. Such an affiliate approach is more strategic than straightforward and has shown itself as an effective one.

How to Withdraw Your Profit

In your affiliate account on MasterBundles you can trace and manage your profit. The process of withdrawing your earnings from the partnership with MasterBundles is simple and hassle-free. You’ll have several options for withdrawal offered in your account to choose the most convenient for you. The payment system is not automotive to exclude the possibility of fraud cases. So, each payment is reviewed and approved manually.

To initiate the process you need to fill out a withdrawal form in your Dashboard. As the platform gives you an opportunity to be an affiliate, a vendor, and a buyer simultaneously, you’ll have one Dashboard combining all three roles:

The minimum sum to transfer from the resource is 50$. The smaller amounts can’t be withdrawn, and need to be accumulated to reach the barrier of 50$ first.

Usually, it takes 1-2 days for support to review the operation and confirm the withdrawal. These basic steps are the same for the majority of web resources that offer partnership programs.

Summing It Up

Website owners, bloggers, and even private social account holders all over the world now have the option to profit not only from their own content but also from promoting complementary resources. And MasterBundles marketplace is a bright illustration of the such process offering all the possible opportunities for a stable passive monthly income for the affiliates.

Partnership programs are simple to implement and effective if you already have a certain amount of audience on your web resource. We recommend joining the affiliate marketplaces’ programs now when the time of huge online platforms is booming. Don’t hesitate and be the one who owns a constant passive income right now!