Docker Certification

Top 7 Docker Certifications in 2022

Dockers have changed the way we create and deploy applications. It has revolutionized the Software development and releases lifecycle. So here are the top 7 Docker Certifications in 2021. Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certifications – Intellipaat This Docker Certification course is the best by far of all the cert courses available. Here you will learn: […]

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Data Analysts

Who are Data Analysts?

In this age of big data, every decision making process is dependent upon the data driven insights which an organization manages to gather. These datasets help in analysing market trends and maximize growth and revenue. Emerging technologies like IoT, Smartphones, AI, and Blockchain have further accentuated the dependence of firms on data sets. The world […]

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teaching times tables

How to Teach Multiplication Tables from 1 to 10?

A child’s brain tends to learn math facts more efficiently through meaningful and practical application. Teaching times tables with engaging real-world examples can help train a child’s brain to memorize times tables quickly. Some routine activities like shopping, calculating bills, and others help familiarize kids with multiplication tables. It is the most permissive method of […]

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