What is Ansible

What is Ansible and Why is it Used?

Previously, when there were just a few, perhaps only one server in an organization, sysadmins were responsible for manually managing the server, performing software installation and updates, configuration, and other IT tasks. However, things have changed and the world runs on software. With the explosion of data, came complex applications. Organizations hosted many more applications […]

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blended learning

Difference Between in-person, remote, and blended learning

Learning takes many forms. If you teach, have a child or you’re interested in varied types of learning styles, you’ll want to know the difference between them. In-person teaching, remote learning and blended learning have different definitions and applications. Creative Methods Effective teaching methods are based on teachers’ ability to work with their students. Teachers […]

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nautical charts

A Description of Nautical Charts

Mariners rely on nautical charts to navigate. An effective use of a chart improves your navigation to your destination and prevents accidents. Frequently referencing a chart allows you to spot obstacles you might not otherwise notice. Your boat can be stopped in its wake by obstacles, such as rocks and sandbars, and could cause harm: […]

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Pythagoras Theorem

Importance of Pythagoras Theorem in Geometry

The triangle is a fundamental geometric shape that features in all of mathematics. Triangles have their own usage in the world today; hence it is essential to learn about their properties and the calculations pertaining to them. Pythagoras theorem in geometry states the relation among the three sides of a right angled triangle, which states […]

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Guide to Writing an Essay

A Quick and Simple Guide to Writing an Essay

Using detailed and simple instructions for writing essays can make life easier for many students. Not only will it help you develop an algorithm for your work, but it will also save you time and develop your writing skills. We reached out to essayshark.com, an essay writing service, to provide you with the easiest guide […]

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