Lavani: The Most Popular Folk Dance of Maharashtra

The word Lavani derived from Lavanya, means beauty. It is a combination of traditional song and dance which is performed with dholki drum. The Lavani dance is generally performed by Dhangars or shepherds living in the Sholapur district of Maharashtra. Lavani Dance form is a popular folk dance belongs to Sholapur, Maharashtra state (Marathi lavani). […]

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Karakattam: Popular Folk Dance of Tamilnadu

Lets discuss about Indian folk dance that is karakattam. It is the most Popular Folk Dance of Tamilnadu held in the month of August in every year. Karakattam means ( water pot ) is an ancient most popular folk dance of Tamil Nadu, performed in honor of the rain goddess named”(Mariamman“. Karakattam: Popular Folk Dance […]

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