Green Urbanism

Green Urbanism’s 10 Best Benefits

An increase in greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, heat waves, stress. In these hard economic times, it has become imperative to adopt sustainable Urban Development or green cities in order to improve all of our health and wellbeing. In the real world, how would this benefit us? You should know these 10 by heart! 10 Benefit […]

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Damaged Hair

5 Ways to Revive Dry, Damaged Hair

Almost everyone has experienced a form of hair damage, but some cases can be pretty severe. Living with damaged hair can be a real bummer, whether it’s from heat styling, weather, or incorrect products. Damaged hair has a brittle, open cuticle leaving it susceptible to frizz, breakage, and dryness. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions […]

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Aim for Success

How To Recenter Yourself and Aim for Success

Life is a journey of unexpected twists, turns, and, sometimes, brutal setbacks. Just when you feel like everything is going great, one part of your life decides to completely unravel, leaving you spiraling and reaching blindly for a sense of stability. Whether you lose your job, get dumped, or fall out with a friend or […]

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DasDas – Know All About DasDas Istanbul

Let’s discussed about Dasdas Istanbul restaurant and know the thought of people on it. Below we have shared few reviews taken from tripadvisor. DasDas is good for beer and cocktails can seat around 500 persons in the audience. Dasdas Istanbul Reviews 1) Open area restaurant / bar with a resident DJ on Thursday to Saturday. […]

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