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How to Find Out Who Is Calling You from An Unknown Number?


Are you frustrated as you get calls from unknown numbers frequently? Well, you are not alone, as most calls people receive from unknown numbers are from scammers or telemarketers. The number of scam calls is only going up every day. This is mainly why it is essential to determine the identity of the unknown caller before you decide to attend the call.

Hence, here are a few simple methods that can help you find the unknown caller’s identity to decide whether to receive the call.

Why Do You Need to Identify the Unknown Caller?

As per the latest statistics, 70% of unknown callers are scammers or telemarketers. This means avoiding calls from unknown numbers is an excellent way to protect your data and assets. Yet again, there is still a 30% chance that the call may be an opportunity from a company for a new job or an acquaintance trying to contact you. This may put you in a dilemma about whether to pick up the call from the unknown caller.

Blocking calls from an unknown number you are sure is from a scammer will not protect you completely. This is because these telemarketers and scammers use different phone numbers to keep calling you. This is why learning the caller’s identity can help you a long way.

Also, note that it can be a stalker trying to call you using different phone numbers. Just blocking these numbers will not discourage the stalker from trying to contact you again. This is why, for your own protection, it is essential to know more details about the unknown caller. This can help you find out who is calling you from an unknown number and if you need to take any further action. This is why, using one of the methods below, you should first learn the identity and get more information about the unknown caller before blocking them or taking further steps.

  1. Perform A Reverse Phone Lookup:

Reverse Phone Lookup

The easiest method to find out who is calling you from the unknown number is by doing a reverse phone lookup. WhoCallMe is a reverse phone lookup platform that can assist you in finding out who is calling you from an unknown number in a matter of minutes. You just have to type the unknown number on the website’s search box and start the search.

Its database consists of public directories and other online sources, hence can be considered pretty accurate. Once you begin the search, WhoCallMe hardly takes a few minutes to process its vast database to generate the desired results. This means generating a comprehensive report of the unknown caller just takes a few minutes.

In short, using a free phone lookup like WhoCallMe is the most reliable way to find out who is calling you via looking up a phone  number or even using a 203 area code only.

  1. Get a Real-time Caller Identity App

There are apps available on the Play Store or the iPhone App Store that can help determine the caller’s identity in real time. This means that whenever you receive a call from a number not saved on your device, this app will search through its database to find the caller’s identity.

Though it may be a quick way to determine if the call is from the scanner, it is not foolproof. For starters, not all calls can be identified by this app. Secondly, your phone has to be connected to a network for the app to work. Thirdly, there is an issue of privacy concern with such apps, as your personal data is collected from your contacts and used without your consent.

Hence, you can use these apps if you do not store sensitive information on your phone. On the other hand, this may not be the right choice for you if you do not wish to share any information with such apps.

  1. Check Google:

Google’s search engine is the go-to place whenever there is a need to search for any information online. Hence it is very common for people to use the Google search engine to figure out who is calling them from an unknown number.

When you type the unknown phone number in the Google search, the results that pull up may show the owner’s cell phone number. Of course, you have to visit these pages to check the results and determine the caller’s identity.

Remember, you have to browse through several pages before you can come up with any conclusion about who is calling you. Also, a few pages may require you to pay the information fee. You also have to be aware that not all results are always accurate. Lastly, there is a possibility that you may not find any information about the phone number as a search result.

Though using the Google search engine is an excellent move to find the identity of the unknown caller, the method is not foolproof.

  1. Check Spam Call Websites

If you are receiving calls from a spam number, you are not the only one, as the scammer may be calling many other people and waiting for someone to fall into his trap.

When people get spam calls regularly, that too from similar numbers, they tend to report it online through websites that allow them to report such scam calls. When you search for an unknown number on Google or any other search engine, it will be listed on the results page if the number has been reported in such scam-identifying sites. If the number has been reported previously by someone else, then you can consider it unsafe, and you should block the phone number to stop receiving calls from it.


To sum it up, it is crucial not to pick up calls from an unknown number but to find out the caller’s identity to ensure that you are not in danger or that the scammer does not steal from you. Being informed about who is calling you beforehand means you do not have to play guessing games whenever an unknown number pops up on your phone screen. Use the method that works best for you to find out who is calling you.