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Emberify: 7 Ideas to Ask Questions on Instagram Stories

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Instagram is the most popular and engaging app among people. It updates its features constantly. So when you watch out for the engagement factor, nothing will beat the Instagram question stickers. If you are eager to know about your followers, utilize the question sticker to the maximum of your stories. This question sticker will help you gain the attention of millions. Moreover, if you are a marketer who wants to fuel up your online exposure, then try to get free instagram likes trial and enhance your online performance. This article will showcase the different ideas for asking your followers questions. 

What Are Instagram Story Questions?

Instagram story questions introduced in 2018 will allow Instagram users to ask questions to their followers. By asking questions, the marketers or creators can know the interests and opinions of the target audiences. They can even promote a product or boost their sales quickly. Asking questions to your customers always will help you gain more exposure to their opinions about a product. It will also encourage the brands to develop more in the field.

Benefits of Using Instagram Story Questions

For instance, if a follower answers for Instagram story question, their responses will not be shared publicly. The answers will only be known to the user who puts it out and to the replier, i.e., the audience. This feature’s significant advantage is that the audience can express their true feelings towards a brand. It creates a smooth and comfortable experience for the followers. Furthermore, it builds a great connection with the target audience. The significant advantage of the question sticker is that users can respond with free text. 

How to Use the Question Sticker?

It is easy to use the question sticker. First, you have to open up the Instagram app and tap on ‘your story’ in the top right corner of the home page. Here you can tap on categories like the post, Live, story, etc. Then, you can click on them and shall post a photo. After that, you can include stickers like Questions and answers.

After clicking on the sticker, you can add the question and answer on the post and shall type in the questions or responses. It is possible to add multiple questions to the same story. Most of these question stickers are used only on a plain background. So that it will be attractive and many people will answer your questions.

Limitations of Questions Stickers

If a user posts a question, followers can respond to the question within 24 hours time period. Moreover, every response will be notified for one who has posted a question. They may also open up their story and shall read all the answers. Only the person who raises the questions can read all the answers, whereas those who answer cannot read them. The notifications are sent because the Instagrammer needs to know the respondents.

7 Ideas to Create Instagram Story Questions

  1. Run Q & A

It is simple, where you can ask your audience questions related to a product or any simple questions. You can start with a question-and-answer sticker to interact with your potential customers. It is quite a simple technique that every marketer can use and gain more new audiences.

  1. Share a Value

If you are an NGO or social activist, you shall use this question-and-answer sticker to share on the particular cause. For example, you can ask the audience like will you support this specific cause? You may find more supporters for a particular cause based on the respondents.

  1. Host a Takeover

Instagram takeovers will boost your engagement and bring a new feel to the content. For example, if you took on Redbull, they would take the takeover of Olympic skier Eileen Gu. They posted the question and answers so the audience could directly interact with the particular achiever. The takeover person will post like ‘ask her anything.

  1. Get the Product Feedback

Once you have launched the product, you can get feedback using a question-and-answer sticker. Once your product reaches and is liked by the audience, be sure the audience will give feedback. You can quickly get more credibility and transparency if you post these answers in your story. 

  1. Build Hype for the Launch

You can keep exciting the audience with your product launch. You must build on hype like, ‘can you guess what it is?’ So it will create a great highlight when your launch is on. This question-and-answer feature will clarify doubts about your products. Moreover, people can explain the opening hours, locations, and all the finer doubts they have. 

  1. FAQs

How can you use the Q & A sticker for the FAQs? First, you need to collect the FAQs, then add in stories using the tab, and then you can give out the answers with plain text below the sticker so that the audience will also get an opportunity to clarify the significant doubts.

  1. Understand Your Audience

Using this sticker, you may know the interests and opinions of your audience. So, simply, you can ask people, ‘What is your goal in 2022?’ etc., You may think it is a simple question, but the answers will encourage you to develop products that the audience will like. The brands can quickly increase their engagement metrics along with this feature. Furthermore, if you need to show your value, you can try using Emberify and reap the benefits.


With the Instagram question sticker, you can get more business leads. So utilize it properly so that you can funnel your sales. In addition, to improve your online growth, you can try using Emberify, which shall add more value to your business. Always remember, everything only happens within a single day. So try to brainstorm your mind and give a great result when possible. You can implement all the above points in your upcoming Instagram stories. If you find the article interesting, then you can leave comments below! Thanks for reading!