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How Online Casinos are Changing in 2022


Read on the most recent trends in online casino gambling and see how one of the most booming internet industries is changing during a year influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As one of the most booming internet niches, online gambling is worth following closely to understand the changing dynamics of the internet. Therefore, we investigated some of the trends of online casinos in 2022 to understand the changes of the internet.

Crypto valuta as payment

For many years bitcoins and crypto valuta have been a hot tech topic. Many users consider the anonymity of cryptocurrencies as a big plus of internet security and since online gambling can be a sensitive topic for a lot of players, they might prefer the anonymity that is coming with the cryptos.

So, now more and more online casinos accept payment with cryptocurrencies. This should not be considered as a replacement of traditional currencies, as you can still pay with those, but cryptos are becoming part of the package.

Gambling in other kinds of games

Normally we have seen gambling as more classic casino games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and slot machines. But the gambling principles are being taken into other kinds of online games. Mobile games for pure entertainment are starting to add a gambling element, as they offer different kinds of spin elements to their games.

If you buy a package, you can get certain additions or benefits to the game. But you just don’t know exactly what to get. Instead, you buy an unknown box of features and have the excitement of what will now be your new benefit. This is interesting, as gambling has traditionally been about winning money. But with this move, we see how advantages in an entertaining game can also gain profits for game makers.

Live video dealing

With more gambling activities turning online, there is a rise in the use of live video dealers establishing casino games in real-time. After a pandemic, where we all got used to meetings at Zoom and Teams. It seems natural to transform gambling into live video experiences.

But the casinos have taken the step a bit further and designed a whole experience around these video meetings. Not just adjusting their service to what can be offered by YouTube, Zoom, Skype, or Facebook. This is truly one of the first steps in the new generation of online video use.

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