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The 5 Things Every SEO Package Must Include

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If you’re not getting the traction you want for your online business, you might want to consider a few things. You might want to revamp your products. Your branding or messaging might be the problem. Even if you have great offerings and branding, you aren’t getting the relevant traffic you need to generate business. Perhaps you should consider hiring an Agencia SEO. This post will discuss the benefits of outsourcing these services and what to look for in an SEO package.

Why Invest in SEO?

Let’s take a moment to talk about the reason why you should consider investing in SEO packages before we discuss what they should include.

As your website’s ranking rises online and in your area, more people will visit your website and become paying customers. Your SEO investment will lead to more customers investing in your business. Therefore, you will make more money.

These great ROIs, however, go beyond money. Your team or you will have more time to focus on other tasks when you take care of your SEO services.

Are you ready to make an investment in these services? Would you like to know what to expect? Find out how.

What Should the Structure of SEO Packages Be?

There are some basic things that should always be included in any SEO package (more on that in a moment). Before hiring any SEO agency, make sure they provide these five services.

Identifying and resolving website issues

If your site has SEO issues, an SEO package should include an audit and repairs. For example:

  • Optimizing metadata
  • Optimization of internal anchor text
  • Alt tags should be optimized
  • Adding, removing, or checking canonical tags
  • We have implemented 301 redirects
  • Error 404 fix
  • Optimization of sitemaps

Fixing other front end errors reported in Search Console, such as mobile compatibility problems and slow page loading times.

Enhancing the user experience and functionality of the website, including on mobile devices

Developing an SEO strategy cannot ignore the user experience and functionality of a website. Your users will spend more time on your website if it is easy to use. User-friendly sites are rewarded by Google by appearing higher in search results.

If you are having trouble deciding between SEO and PPC, you can read more about what the pros, cons, and differences between these two methods are here.

SEO practices on and off-page

SEO packages almost always include on-page SEO services. It is essential to include off-page SEO in a comprehensive SEO strategy to achieve true success.

A website’s on-page SEO practices encompass everything that happens on a site that affects its ranking. It includes things like your web copy, title tags, meta descriptions, and headers. An inbound marketing strategy encourages people to visit your website.

Along with blogs and website copy, these materials will play an important role in SEO success. While basic SEO plans might not include content creation, it’s worth upgrading to get this service.

Researching keywords

When your keyword does not convert, there is no point in ranking for it. A high ranking for the right keywords will have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of traffic your website receives. Keyword research is a crucial part of any SEO strategy.