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What Are the Advantages of Recommendation Apps for Shopify Websites?


Looking for an e-commerce space that allows you to start, manage, and develop your business? Shopify is the right platform for that. Business owners can have their stores online to sell their products.

They could also use Shopify POS if they prefer physical locations. Aside from selling their products, Shopify allows business owners to receive payments as well as arrange to ship products and connect with their customers.

Recommendation apps that are compatible with Shopify suggested products for shoppers based on shoppers’ experiences and search patterns. Shoppers’ history and product search behavior are critical for these recommendations. The app can then offer options they will likely be interested in. This kind of Shopify personalization offers users a more seamless user experience.

Why Use Recommendation Apps for Shopify? 8 Advantages

Using a Shopify personalization app that doubles as a recommendation app is one sure way to enhance your Shopify store and boost sales. Personalization helps you improve your customers’ shopping experience via specialized push notifications, shipping counters, price calculators, currency converters and other features that make for a customized user experience.

The recommendation feature is useful for easing customers’ search for items. It also maintains a good online presence for your products and gives customers an idea of how much they are spending as soon as they visit your page. Some apps also let you have a price calculator for your page.

The following are advantages of using recommendation systems.

1. Product Recommendation Apps Allow You to Suggest

You can offer your customers other options related to what they are searching for. That could lead them to buy more products they might not have thought to buy. You can also introduce new products to them. You will need to help them understand why they should go for them, of course, by presenting the special perks. This will help increase your sales or order rate.

2. E-Commerce Recommendation Apps Ensures Customer Satisfaction

E-Commerce Recommendation Apps Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Recommendation apps can help you look at customers’ shopping history. That will help you understand their preferences. With this, you can offer them an excellent, customized experience that will make them want to return. You can do this by filtering products to help them find what is closest to their needs without stress and frustration.

3. Business Owners Can Make Higher Profits by Using Recommendation Apps

You can place products with higher profit margins on display alongside the products they most prefer. This tactic is similar to the placement of knick knacks near the grocery counters. Since it’s already there, better buy it.

This way, you can get to market products that will earn you higher profits.

4. Recommendation Systems Improve Customer Engagement

Sending personalized messages to your customers helps you build a relationship with them. They will feel noticed and valued. This will get them to patronize your store even more.

Take note that this is not limited to personalized messages too. You can also add discount codes and vouchers that they can use for their birthday or other special events.

5. Provide Additional Options to Encourage Shoppers to Buy

Options such as ‘others like’ or ‘brought together’ are added on the selection page. These have proven to be very effective in increasing sales numbers.

6. Useful When It Comes to Abandonment Cart Recovery

You can sort out online shopping cart abandonment much faster using personalized systems. can use a personalized recommendation system to send a reminder to the customer. You can add a product picture and an access link that will direct the customer back to the cart.

7. Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

The goal is to get more customers to buy your products. Naturally, recommendations increase the chances of more shoppers visiting your page and making purchases.

8. Keeps Track of Your Business Progress

Personalization apps with recommendation features give you an idea of how customers view your products and what products they prefer. Some recommendation apps can show records of website activity like; purchases made, signups, and many others. This will enable you to plan recommendations better.

Recommendation Apps for Shopify Websites

Now that you know the benefits you can get from using a recommendation app, we will now look at the options. You can use any of the following apps for your personalized product recommendation.

  • LiveChat: This app allows you to chat with and engage your customers. You can use LiveChat to help you suggest products to your customers. They can go through the shopping process to enjoy a personalized experience. This feature allows you to have a good understanding of what the customer wants.
Live chat allows you to see what your customer has already purchased. This will help you make recommendations they could find useful.
  • Omnisend: This app uses an automated Shopify recommendation system. It allows users to create email & SMS marketing methods. This is used in suggesting items that are trending. With Omnisend, you can easily know the purchasing power of customers. This will help you make appropriate recommendations based on that.
  • Wiser: This is one of the most used Shopify apps available. It offers order value from upsells and cross-sells, making it a favorite among shoppers.

This app allows you to use various methods to suggest products. You can personalize the recommendations, use pop-up ads, and many others. You can also add specifications to the products you are suggesting.

  • Rush: This is an order tracking app, but it allows you to offer product suggestions on your tracking page. You can also offer upselling and cross-selling to your customer while waiting for their order.
  • LimeSpot: This recommendation platform analyzes product and user behavior and recent trends to provide recommendations. These analyses offer suggestions that will most likely catch the customers’ attention.
  • PushEngage: This is another excellent recommendation app. It provides a push notifications tool that is very effective for personalized recommendations. In addition, PushEngage allows you to engage with your Shopify customers even when they are not on your page.

This app allows you to send personalized messages to your target audience and customers. It also uses analysis of customers and product behavior, shopping history, etc. 

  • Recommend: This app displays product recommendations every time a customer visits your page. Once a customer searches for a product, similar products are suggested to increase their options. This helps increase orders.

You can also choose which products are displayed for cross-selling if it works for you. Adding options like ‘trending,’ ‘you may also like,’ etc., on the products page or the cart page can also increase sales.


Over the years, e-commerce business sites have generated higher incomes when they are used with personalized recommendations. Likewise, product recommendations contribute to business growth when handled well. Allowing customers to enjoy their shopping experience by picking what products they most prefer is best for your business.