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5 Tips For Hiring B2B Austin SEO Agency

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With more and more companies going into digital transformation, there’s always tight competition when it comes to ranking at the top spots of popular search engines. This is quite understandable. Since most people now turn to search engines to look for almost everything they need, the key to maintaining and growing a company’s market share is to constantly stay visible and searchable on these platforms. Companies would need the services of search engine optimization (SEO) agencies and consulting firms to achieve this goal.

This competition is becoming more intense since all companies with global marketing campaigns and digital transformation programs would want to land at the top spot of all search results that are relevant to their products and brands. In the state of Texas, for instance, more companies are tapping SEO agencies that know how to work around search keywords. Those who can optimize their online presence and visibility will definitely win this game. Here are some tips on what you need to keep in mind if you plan to hire a B2B Austin SEO agency.

  1. Company Background And SEO Experience

One of the first things that you have to do when you’re searching for a good SEO company is to check their company background and SEO experience. There are numerous SEO companies. They have varied backgrounds and experiences. The key here is to look for an SEO agency that can match your company’s needs and requirements.

Keep in mind that a company’s SEO background and experience will determine in large part the scope and quality of service that you’ll get from them. Don’t just look at their general background and experience. It would be best if you could also check whether they’ve done SEO campaigns for companies that are similar to yours, or belong to the same industry niche or category.

You should also look into local SEO agency work. These are SEO agencies that specialize in enhancing the search ranking of a company in a specific, targeted geographical location or social community. This is particularly helpful for enterprises or firms which operate within a limited business zone.

  1. Track Record Of Successful SEO Campaigns

You should also check the SEO agency’s proven track record. There are numerous SEO agencies offering similar services. Yet there are also thousands of enterprises and firms which are not satisfied with the service or outcomes they’re getting.

Aside from the types of projects or industry segments, you should also look into whether they were really able to help their clients. There are several metrics to measure their performance. One of the best ways to measure this is whether they were able to improve the SEO ranking and optimize their client’s website. This is one of the surest ways to determine whether or not the SEO agency did a good job.

Here are a few other things you can look into when it comes to an SEO agency’s track record:

  • Improved branding and overall reputation management of their client companies
  • Improved market recognition of specific brands and product names
  • Increased market awareness or visibility of the products and brands of their client companies in digital marketing platforms or channels
  1. Reasonable Professional Fees

Another thing that you should look into when you’re searching for an SEO agency is their professional fees and service charges. Different SEO agencies typically have different rates and professional fees. They also have different methods or basis for charging rates. It’s difficult to determine if the prices they charge are indeed fair, but you can start by finding two or three agencies and comparing their packages and prices.

  1. Check Their Portfolio

You should thoroughly check the project portfolio of an SEO agency before deciding to go with them. There are quite a number of SEO agencies that are highly competent and with extensive experience in what they do best. Many would also claim that they specialize in certain fields or areas that would meet your SEO requirements.

The key tip to keep in mind is that you should ask to look at their SEO project portfolio. This is the best way to find out whether they’ve already done something closely similar to the project or SEO campaign that your business or enterprise needs to implement. There might also be some unique elements or components in their projects that you may be able to get insights from.

  1. Hear What Former Clients Have To Say

Evaluating SEO agencies based on information that they themselves have published is not the most reliable route. These agencies also have to make themselves ‘look good’ to attract more clients, so they will always put their best foot forward on their website and portfolio. To get an honest and unbiased review, it’s best to talk to the clients they have actually worked with.

The key tip here is that you should try to get as much information from different companies on how their own SEO marketing campaigns turned out. You should also look into informal reviews and testimonials that actual clients or users may have left on online platforms or web pages.

Reviews and testimonials are often highly reliable information. They’re typically off-the-cuff and unadorned comments and feedback statements. They can provide a deeper understanding and insight into the kind and quality of services that an SEO agency rendered to their client companies.


The trend of digital transformation has increased competition among companies. Each brand aims to stay in front of its target audience. During the era of traditional media, exposure was mainly done through print ads and TV ads where the general public can be aware of them.

But in the digital era, this means being more visible on popular websites or landing at the top of search engine results whenever users look for something on the internet. SEO agencies are crafting strategies and implementing SEO campaigns to help companies position themselves for success.

But before you decide to work with one, you have to make sure you’re choosing a reliable and results-oriented agency that can address the needs of your business and connect you to your desired target market online.