Docker Certification

Top 7 Docker Certifications in 2022


Dockers have changed the way we create and deploy applications. It has revolutionized the Software development and releases lifecycle. So here are the top 7 Docker Certifications in 2021.

Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certifications – Intellipaat

This Docker Certification course is the best by far of all the cert courses available. Here you will learn:

  • Intro to Docker
  • how to run and create a Docker container, image, and storage systems
  • Docker Swarm
  • Monitor services and nodes in Docker Swarm
  • Use ECS and ECR from AWS to deploy Docker Services and many more

This cert course comes with 10 hours of instructor-led training and 20 hours of projects and exercises. You will also receive job support, a flexible schedule, lifetime free upgrade, 24*7 technical assistance, mentor support, and certification. Intellipaat’s certification is well recognized around the globe with top MNC’s like Standard Chartered, TCS, Sony, Ericsson, Cognizant, etc.

Docker Certified Associate – Cloudtechnologyexperts

This certification is for students who have foundational knowledge in Docker Containers. Students enrolling in this course will be able to:

  1. install, maintain and operate Docker platform
  2. configure and troubleshoot Docker Engine
  3. maintain and configure Docker Environment
  4. deploy images across clusters
  5. migrate a traditional application to container and many more

The prerequisites for this course and the entailing certification are: 

  • Must have basic IT knowledge
  • Six months of experience with Docker
  • One full year of experience with a cloud provider
  • experience in configuration management tools, container security, Linux, and some others.

Now talking about the certification, it’s priced at USD 249 and is meant for beginner to intermediate Docker knowledge candidates. This course comes with a 7-day free trial and is rated 4.6 by their customers. In total, there are 48 videos, 16 hands-on labs with one exam or quiz to validate your knowledge after the course.

Docker Certified Associate – Linux Academy

This certification is well recognized around the world. Docker Certified Associate or DCA validates a student’s knowledge in running an industry-leading container runtime platform. The whole course and certification are meant to test and certify a student’s capability to apply and leverage core features that are present in Docker Community Edition. A learner will be learning these topics in this certification:

  • Intro to Docker
  • Understanding Core concepts of Docker
  • How to install and configure Docker Engine
  • Build your own Docker image
  • How to build a Docker Swarm
  • How to create various services in Docker
  • Create an image, management, and registry
  • How to create a private Docker registry
  • Container orchestration
  • Learn about Storage and volumes, networking, security, and many more.

There will be a practice exam before the actual DCA exam, which is of 1.5 hours. This certification is tagged at USD 379 per year and USD 31.58 per month. This 19 hours and 40 minutes course comes with a 7-Day trial with 56 videos and 12 Hands-on Labs to amp up your knowledge with a certification.

Docker Certified Associate 2020 – Udemy

It is the latest offering from Udemy on Docker. This course offers strong foundational knowledge on Dockers, their Security, Container orchestration, and Docker Networking. You will be learning these topics:

  • Intro to Docker
  • Docker Swarm
  • how to build images with Docker files through hands-on
  • Foundation of Docker commands through hands-on
  • how to create an application stack using Docker Compose files and many more.

This course cum certification is offered to learners at USD 22. The course has 22 videos, eight hands-on labs, one exam/quiz within the total length of 14 hours.

Docker for Developers –

This certification is offered by to students. This certification enables a student to apply for certification and become a Docker developer after passing the cert exam. This course helps students become developers by helping them become experts of various tools and stacks of Docker. The course contents of this certification cum course are:

  • Intro to Docker
  • Docker files
  • Docker Compose
  • Node.js
  • Container knowledge
  • GitHub
  • Docker Swarm, Virtualization, and many more.

This USD 11.99 course comes with 17 videos, four hands-on labs within seven hours of length, has a learner rating of 3.9, and doesn’t have a trial period.

Docker Certified Associate – Whizlabs

This money-back course is just 6 hours of training by Whizlabs. The course contents of this certification are:

  • Docker CE on Linux
  • Docker Networking
  • Trusted Registry
  • Docker Images
  • DCA test, Security, and many more.

This course costs you USD 9. With no trial period available, you can enroll in this course and get lifetime unlimited access with 19 videos, three hands-on labs, and one exam.

Docker for the Absolute Beginner – Hands-On – DevOps – Udemy

This certification is introduced by Udemy who is targeting the absolute beginners in Docker through this course. It is one of the best certifications out there for learners who wish to get Docker Certified. This course helps a learner learn all the components to master Docker from scratch. The course contents are:

  • Intro to Docker
  • How to build images with Docker files through hands-on
  • Basics of Docker commands
  • Docker Swarm
  • How to create an app stack using Docker Compose Files and many more

There are some prerequisites to this course, and they are system admin skills and Linux system access. This course comes with a price tag of USD 9, and the total length of the course is just four hours, with 12 short videos, two hands-on labs, and one exam.