Digitization Advantages

Why Is Digitization So Advantageous?


If your business maintains dozens, hundreds, or thousands of physical records, you may have thought about switching to digital records instead of doing it yourself. Microfiche, microfilm, and paper-based documents can be digitally converted into electronic formats to be stored securely and easily accessed when needed. If you want to best digitization services then go through:-


Investing in digitization can have many benefits for your organization. Let’s examine how these advantages can be realized.

Digitization Has Many Advantages

Physical document security at your company is constantly at risk from things like theft, natural disasters, mistakes made by people, lost data, and more. Consider digitizing microfilm, microfiche, and other physical documents for your company for the following reasons.

Money-saving tips

It is expensive to manage physical records. The one-time expense of digitalization, which could minimize overhead and effort in the future, will be outweighed by the time and resources you’ll need to manage recurring records. Consider:

  • The time it takes a worker to find records, scan them, sort them, export images or text, and then put the document back where it belongs.

You can determine the true cost of retaining physical records by comparing that to the hourly wage of an employee. To manage their tangible documents, many businesses hire a full-time clerk.

  • Records are valued according to their value.

How much does a record loss, destruction, damage, or theft cost your business? If the record is lost, it could need to be swiftly replaced, or you might need to look carefully. The possibility that the record cannot be replaced would make it significantly more expensive for your business.

  • Sensitive and confidential information can be lost at a high cost.

The average cost of each stolen or lost record that contains sensitive or confidential information is $148, according to Ponemon’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, an increase of 4.8% over the previous year. Even a small number of physical documents containing vital information can end up costing you thousands of dollars to lose. Is it worth the risk to maintain them just in physical form?

Microfiche scanning typically costs $1 per sheet. The cost savings become obvious when you take into account the financial cost of employee time and the effort to recover from a disaster that damages physical data.

Efficiently increase productivity

Your staff moves more slowly when dealing with actual documents. Since your employee must physically walk from records storage to the scanner, hand over the requested information to a customer, and then return to records storage, it’s possible that your company’s typical processing time for records requests is around 30 minutes.

And only if finding the record is straightforward to begin with. You can see how the search time for a record quickly increases if it has been lost or improperly filed.

The process is also susceptible to human error if everything is done by hand. The speed and accuracy of your delivery depends on your employee.

If your equipment breaks down, such as a paper jam or a scanner that decides it’s not in the mood to function, you’re stuck and forced to find a workaround, which results in extra wasted time.

You might reduce the time it takes to get records from your microfilm to just 5 minutes if you choose digital alternatives. Everything is kept in a location that is simple to find. Each file can be accessed immediately. Your staff is freed up to handle more crucial tasks instead of preserving tiresome physical archives.

Prevent disasters and theft of documents

Disasters can happen at any time. Your organisation could suffer greatly as a result of fires, floods, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, broken pipes, structural failure, or theft. Your company is at risk of irreversible record loss and damage if you don’t have a backup of your most crucial papers.

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, economic damages from natural disasters totaled more than $91 billion in 2018. In addition, no matter how many security precautions you take, your business is still vulnerable to burglaries and insider theft. Physical document theft or damage risks might be quite expensive.

Records at your company can eventually be harmed by even a small temperature fluctuation. Document scanning ensures that, even if something were to happen to your physical records. A backup would still be available for you to quickly resume your regular company operations.

Organizational modernization

The use of technology and procedures to update your records to the digital age will help both your staff and your customers. Among the advantages of updating outdated systems is physical record storage

  1. As a result, you save money and time.
  2. It improves business processes and makes your staff more productive.It improves business processes and makes your staff more productive.
  3. The faster your service is, the more satisfied your customers will be.
  4. It’s an important part of your organization’s technology strategy to digitize records to enhance the records management process.

Employees and customers find it frustrating to deal with misplaced or incorrectly filed records. Systems that are out of date can harm both internal and external perceptions of your company.

Additionally, physical tools like scanners could easily become outdated. As opposed to digitally converting your documents with a service who has professional equipment and tried-and-true procedures in place, you’ll incur additional expenditures if you need to replace the equipment you utilise.

Make space for more

Your company’s physical space is a precious resource. According to MarketWatch, renting office space can range in price from a few dollars per square foot to more than $6. You will need space for the records, a scanner, and a place for your staff to scan when keeping physical records.

As well as making sure a temperature-controlled space is in place, you should also ensure it is secure. There is a possibility that those costs could add up quickly.

The incorrect utilization of space may result in disarray and sluggish retrieval procedures, which would then have an impact on your accuracy and productivity. You can save office space expenditures and use your space for projects that add more value to your firm by digitizing microfiche and other records.

Discover the Benefits of Digitization

Your company will eventually save money by digitising records. Efficiency is increased, documents are safeguarded from natural disasters, theft, and loss, retrieval is simplified. Your firm is brought up to date with modern business practises thanks to digitization.

It is expensive to lose your records. There is a possibility that your organization could be shut down completely or you might lose customers in some cases.

Our team will work closely with you to find the best solution for your records, no matter what type they are.

Document Automation Software and Systems Offer 5 Benefits when Digitizing Documents

In order to give your clients better, more effective service, integrating document automation technologies into your company can be crucial. Professionals lose an average of 18 minutes each time they search for a document, which costs each employee $14,000 in lost productivity annually. Your company will be able to profit from an automated information workflow that will increase accuracy. And efficiency of document processing without compromising the security of sensitive information by substituting automated document management for manual document management. The top five advantages of document automation software and systems are listed below.

  1. Getting access

With document automation software, you may access your content conveniently and from any location. Document automation systems make it possible to access the digital documents you need to complete your work wherever you are. Whether you’re at home working without an Internet connection or on the go using your mobile device.

  1. Working together

Document automation tools and systems make it feasible to collaborate with teams across time zones and distances. Whether they are located in the same office as you or not. The manual collaboration of papers is eliminated, and teams’ physical presence need not be present if document automation is used. Organizational productivity is increased as a result of workers’ ability to collaborate and communicate more effectively online thanks to electronic documents.

  1. The reduction of

Businesses can take advantage of return on investment (ROI) opportunities that are not feasible with manual document processing and handling by putting the right document automation technologies in place. As automated solutions are put in place and correctly operated, the amount of time, money, and paper consumed in managing hard copy documents decreases. Businesses will profit from a less paper trail as a result of document automation technologies. Which will save printing expenses across the board.

  1. Data retrieval

It may take a while to locate the pertinent hard copy documents you need to complete your work, taking up minutes, hours, or even days. With the use of document automation, you can quickly and securely access all of your papers.

  1. Keep a store

It is unnecessary to have physical filing cabinets in the office because electronic documents may be kept in one central area. Utilizing document automation software, you may manage access to content depending on the user profile while keeping documents safely saved and safeguarded. Regardless of the number of users actively using the system. Access to important information can be restricted to a small group of users, ensuring that the proper people have access to the papers they need.