Sports Bettor Story

A Sports Bettor Story: The Man Who Won Against All Odds

Sports Betting

We’ve had stories of significant wins at various casinos and sports bets. Many gamblers have been able to scale the fence and get lucky enough to win big. Undoubtedly, it is exciting to see how they’ve gone against all odds to win, whether it is on soccer, NBA, NHL, Baseball, Cricket, or NFL picks.

Winning big in sports betting is tricky because the risk involved is high. You can’t tell how a game would go, and even after you’ve done your research, luck still plays a massive part in the result. This is why experts would advise against accumulators, parlays, and multi-bets. You don’t want to increase the risk.

Although they have high returns, the risks are just unmatched. You can’t tell how the game would go, and once you have many games you’re hoping to hit the correct result, it is easy to get one to falter on the list. So, when you play a multi-bet, the chances of winning decrease, and it keeps getting lower based on the number of games. 

So, expert bettors focused on the long-term would want you to take the time to bet on singles to know your odds of winning. You focus on one game and cut out the rest of the risk. For instance, if you want to make NFL predictions, you can focus on the team you know has the best chance of winning that matchday. 

You can see that betting on sports, even if it is singles, is challenging but less risky compared to when you have a massive number of games. However, the return for accumulators is what keeps attracting bettors as they look for NFL expert picks. And we’ve got one of those stories where someone beat the odds and won a huge payout. 

In 2021, a Ghanaian placed a GHS1 ($0.10) on a 19-game selection of soccer games for a payout of about 15,728 odds. It was a massive game with close to zero chances of winning, as it is nearly impossible for all 19 to be correct, given the nature of sports betting, but he, against all odds, won.

This is the story of William, the man who broke the record for the highest odds paid out in sports betting in 2021. 

About the Win

Over the years, we’ve had many impressive sports betting stories and seen plenty of gamblers walk home with the jackpot. It takes luck and grit to stake on games that have a very slim chance of being a success, not to talk of accumulated games where you have to wait for everything to be right before you can win.

William believed he had the right bet and went ahead to stick to it. It was a risky game that involved betting on favorites. Even though the selection involved the teams supposed to win, there was no guarantee that they would win. We can see that some teams fall short of their expectations and do not win.

With a 19-game selection, the chances that everything would be correct were slim, but as fate would have it, each of the favorites he placed a bet on won. They were the better side on paper and became the better team at the end of the game. Some experts would advise against bets like this because of the risk.

It had games where the favorite odds were about -111 odds. Undoubtedly, it was a high-risk game, but it eventually paid off as William got over 15,000 odds in the bag. 

The Selection

In the selection, you’ll find different leagues available. It consisted of games from the various European soccer leagues with some of the best teams. It was carefully curated to have the best teams feature as they play other opponents in their respective leagues. We could see he was fixated on these top leagues and a few lower-league sides. 

The game spanned through the weekend, from the 10th of April to the 11th. He ensured top teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain, Arsenal, AC Milan, Juventus, etc., were part of the picks. To add some more odds, he added teams like Bolton Wanderers, Cheltenham Town, Norwich City, and Calcio Poldova from lower leagues. 

It showed that he had checked the games, and they had a better chance of winning, but we can’t deny the risks involved. The teams had to perform. All of the selections involved teams winning the game. So, even a draw from one team would result in a burst. 

Our Thoughts

It is a risky bet to try only with a lower wager as William did. It doesn’t matter that there is a chance the game will win; you need to protect your bankroll. So, you should focus on lowering the risk of placing a more significant wager. Ensure you follow expert tips if you plan on betting for a long time and within your budget and mean