poker variations

Different Kinds of Poker – Games and Variants


Poker is a game of multiple variants of each type of player according to their skills. Since 1829, poker has been getting its new variants and interestingly each of them is popular and loved by the players. In the 2000s when poker got televised it caught the attention of many and people started making money out of it more than playing it for leisure.

People often like the classic version of poker which is Texas-Hold’em because it is an evergreen variant. Each variant has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are a poker player, you will know the slight differences between the variants and the techniques you change for each of them. Let us see some of the poker variations.


One of the classic poker variants is Texas-Hold’em and its speciality is you can play it anytime and anywhere without any significant expertise. All you need is to learn their terminology. Learning terms with time and playing it online on Pocket52. The higher the stakes the more fun the game will be. You can start with a minimum of two players and a maximum of as many as you want.


Omaha is somewhat similar to Texas Hold’em and the only difference between these two variants is that the players get flour hole cards instead of two. Players play it till the end and it has five community cards with a flop, turn and river.

Seven Card Stud

This variant requires more skills and you can expect it to have two to eight players and there are no flop or community cards. The game starts with two cards face down and a third face up (the hole cards and the door card).

This variant is as interesting as the Texas-Hold’em. You’re dealt seven cards (three faces down and four faces up) and you choose the best five-card combination. Your opponent/s must show you some of their cards during a hand, with everyone revealing their hand after the last round of betting.

High Low Chicago

It is just like a seven-card stud with a tweak. One of the interesting facts about it is that there can be two winners. This game can be about the highest or the lowest hand. The player who has the highest or the lowest spade wins the half pot and the player who has the second-best hand get the other half pot. In high-low Chicago, every player starts with one card face up.

Five Card draw

After Texas Hold’em and Omaha, the five-card draw is the most popular one. Each player has five cards and when the first round of betting happens plate can exchange up to three cards and move on to the next round of betting. It is the variant where you will hear words like bluff, blind, etc.


All the variants are equally interesting. If you are a beginner starting with either five card draw or Texas Hold’em will be the best option. The basic goal of poker remains the same in all five formats.