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What are the upper and lower bets? How to recognize the simple above and below bets

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Currently, participating in football betting is a great choice for gamers. Along with this subject are special technical terms. If you are still wondering about what the underdog is, let’s go to Bet22 to discover more information in the article below.

What are the upper and lower bets?

Currently, football betting is the most popular form of betting. This shows that the attractiveness of the ball on the field has not decreased. People who participate in online football betting need to accumulate a lot of experience to become professional players. One of the important things that they need to pay attention to is understanding and remembering all the terms related to football betting.

A term that often appears in football betting is “under bets”. Simply put, this term refers to the handicap between two teams when playing on the field. Over/under bets are often used by bookmakers to place bets.

The above bet applies to teams that are in good form, stronger, and possess many good and famous players in the football village. In short, these teams always have an advantage over their opponents in many respects. According to the odds, this team will be placed by the house and marked in red.

Under Handicap applies to teams that are in poor form, weaker, with few good players, little known, and not outstanding. Usually, these teams are the underhanded ones. Therefore, in the odds, the bookie will place this team in the lower rafters position and mark it blue, black, or gray.

How to recognize the simple above and below bets

In the process of participating in football betting, understanding the types of bets is an important factor to help you determine the upper and lower bets. Before the match, to assess the strengths and weaknesses between the two teams, it is very important to consider which team’s stable performance is very important. This term is widely used by many bookies.

Many people, when participating in betting, often wonder how to determine the stronger team in today’s competition from the weaker team to correctly evaluate the bet. In fact, knowing if team A has an advantage over team B is very simple. Just by capturing information about football, that is, finding out all information related to each team, such as coaches, player lineups, health status of each team member,

In addition, factors such as physical characteristics, away and home team status, weather during the match, and recent tactics of the teams are all important information that you need. must master. For football enthusiasts, it is easy to compare teams just by mentioning their names, because they already have this information from the beginning.

Handicap ratios when placing upper and lower bets

When participating in over/under bets, you will be provided with the following handicaps to be able to choose correctly and increase your chances of winning:

Accept half the odds

Handicap is the most common handicap that football betting participants often choose when choosing the upper and lower bets. With these odds, you will have a much higher chance of winning because the chance ratio is 50/50.

This handicap is explained as follows: If you choose the upper hand, you will have to handicap half, which means that the lower hand will be added 0.5 to the final result of the match.

 Accept 1/4 odds

When handicapping 1/4 of the result, the team that wins the bet will be considered to have won the entire bet. If the two teams tie, whether over or under, you will not lose your bet. This is considered the safest handicap for those who often play football betting online.

Accept 3/4 odds

Handicap 3/4 is also a fairly common form of betting. Most newcomers to betting will choose this way to ensure the possibility of winning.

This form is regulated as follows: The team with the upper hand will accept the underdog team for 3/4 of the result. The team above is only considered the winner if it wins by 2 goals. If the upper team wins by only 1 goal, the person who chooses the upper team will win half of the bet, while the person who chooses the lower team will lose half of the bet. If the underdog team draws or wins, the person who chooses the top team loses all bets.

Accept one result

With this form, the upper hand will accept the under-one result. The team above is only considered the winner if it wins by 2 goals. In the opposite case, the player who chooses this bet will be counted as a loser. Therefore, you need to pay attention when placing this bet because the loss rate is high and the risk is large.

What are the upper and lower bets? This is clearly not a difficult question. Here are all the answers to this question from readers. Hopefully, through the article, you will have a more lucky and smooth betting process.