AZ 900 Certification

Complete Study Guide – AZ 900 Azure Fundamentals


The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: AZ 900 certification test is picking up in terms of industry demand. It is because folks may now begin their Azure adventure by passing this certification test. Out of the various Microsoft Azure certifications, AZ 900, as the name implies, expands on the fundamental and basic notion of Azure before delving into the complicated features or processes related to it. It is described as an optional certification test for all other Azure certifications and pathways.

Individuals are advised to take this course first before proceeding with any of the Azure pathways. This certification is open to both non-technical and professional applicants. People who have in-depth knowledge of marketing cloud-based services or have any engagement with them might benefit from this certification. Aside from that, anyone who wants to get competence in understanding Azure cloud operations under Microsoft Cloud certification while also mastering the basics must take this test.

AZ 900 Exam Overview: Microsoft Certification for Azure Fundamentals

The AZ 900 test is for beginners and is not related to any of the Azure jobs. After obtaining AZ 900 certification, you can pursue more specialized certificates. Most Azure role certifications have no essential prerequisites for passing Azure Fundamentals. However, it is recommended that you master all of the qualifications. As a result, before you proceed to the step-by-step guidance to prepare for this examination, it is preferable to have a quick exam overview.

The AZ 900 test will consist of 40 to 60 questions that you must answer in 85 minutes. The passing score for the exam will be 700, and there will be no penalty for any erroneous answers. As a result, it is preferable to answer all of the questions in the examination. The questions will be of the MCQ, case study, mark review, short answer, and drag and drop kind.

How to Study for the AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam

Here are the relevant procedures that you must follow to effectively prepare for the AZ 900 certification examination.

1) Start using the Microsoft Learning Path.

The Microsoft Learning Path is the first step to take when studying for the AZ 900 test. In such free online modules for AZ 900, you will find many chapters listed throughout the website, each with its module. Each chapter covers a separate learning segment that will assist you in clearing your ideas and basics to pass the exam.

2) Investigate the Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft provides a plethora of material on the AZ 900 and Azure Fundamentals. As a result, you must prioritize them while studying for the examination or certification. These documents describe in detail the application and principles of Azure Cloud and all services linked with it.

3) Investigate the Study Sessions and Forums.

Join many AZ 900 study groups or forums to participate in communal learning. Share and learn from readily available materials in such communities and forums. Learn about complicated ideas and prepare for the certification exam.

4) Participate in Instructor-Led Training.

After completing these lessons, you will have mastered all of the domains necessary to pass the AZ 900 test. However, if you want more in-depth Azure certification training, Microsoft offers instructor-led courses. For example, they provide two instructor-led courses for the Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification, one day and two days, respectively.

These classes will provide you with a better understanding of subjects. You may enroll in such courses through Microsoft or any reputable expert.

5) Books with Informative Content

Look for physical books or e-books that contain AZ 900 principles. Although Azure Fundamentals is the entry-level certification for the Azure world, you will still need to study a lot about Azure to pass it in one go. As a result, in addition to all of the internet study materials, books may be of great use in revising the topics before the exam.

6) Take the AZ 900 Practice Test.

Finally, before you sit for the test, ensure that you are familiar with the exam format and are well prepared to pass it. And for that, you should take practice examinations using internet means to ensure that you know where you are in terms of preparation. As a result, you can enhance or maintain your preparation schedule. As a result, prepare for the practice exam ahead of time.

In Conclusion

This is the preparation process that you should follow to pass the AZ 900 certification test. Every ounce of knowledge you gather will assist you in obtaining this certification and furthering your career. So, once you’ve completed half of your preparation for the AZ 900 test, you may surely arrange your exam date.

Before you intend to take this test, you must first comprehend its specifics. If you do not understand the concept of being Azure certified, you will not be motivated to put out your best effort to pass it. Azure certification cost for the AZ-900 exam is $99, which is one of the most amazing factors in taking this test as it is inexpensive.