DasDas – Know All About DasDas Istanbul


Let’s discussed about Dasdas Istanbul restaurant and know the thought of people on it. Below we have shared few reviews taken from tripadvisor. DasDas is good for beer and cocktails can seat around 500 persons in the audience.

Dasdas Istanbul Reviews

1) Open area restaurant / bar with a resident DJ on Thursday to Saturday. Nice open space with a central bar. Food is excellent, good selection of beer and cocktails and the staff and the manager Volcan are helpful, friendly and attentive. It is situated in the Metropol shopping centre which is one the newest and best malls on the Asian side of Istanbul.

2) This new theater hall of Dasdas is in the new settlement area of Istanbul on the Asian side, namely Atasehir. Going there proves that technology is a good thing. Unless you live in the area, you cannot possibly find this place without navigation. The Metropol mall or complex where the theater is located is still under construction.

3) Those who tried to use the car park found the unfinished car park scary. So if you come by your car, park it outside. If you plan to use public transportation, start your journey 3 hours before the play. It takes a long time to reach this place.

The theater itself is nice, modern and big. The restaurant/cafe belonging to the theater is also nice and efficient offering a variety of dishes or tea and coffee.

4) The plays and actors there are almost always very good. I went to DasDas to the premiere of Ivanov. The place is easy to get to with a dolmuş from Taksim to Ataşehir, though it will take a while. Half an hour outside of rush hour, one and a half in rush hour.

5) It is a big place. The lounge, bar and outside area is modern and spacious, the scene big, and the place can seat maybe 500 persons in the audience.