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What is Robots txt and how to create it in SEO – Robots.txt is a text file save with name “Robots“, it is also call robots exclusion protocol or standard. Whenever a search engine crawls any website, it always first looks for the robots.txt file. That means Robots.txt file tells the crawler which file or URL read or which is not read. You Can use Robots txt Generator tool to Generate Robots.txt file. Robots.txt is a file placed in the root folder of your website to help search engines index your site more appropriately.

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Building Best Robots.txt File For SEO

When you are going to Generate Robots file through online Robots.txt Generator tool, You have to know some important tips.

1) User-agent*
Disallow: /

Asterisk (*) after “user-agent” means that robots.txt file applies to all Robots that come to the site for read or index. After “Disallow”, the slash (/) tells Robot not to go to any page on the site for read or index.

2) User-agent*             and            3) User-agent*
Disallow:                                       allow:

The above both code ( 2 – 3 ) are same and use to allow robots that come to the site and index all website url.

Note:    Asterisk (*) use for allow all robots
Slash (/) use for disallow any specific URL or folder that mention after slash

Free Robots.txt Generator Tool


I have listed above some tool for Robots.txt Generator in SEO. These are the free Robots.txt tool and you can easily create file. There are so many tools available online but we have mention few top tool that we are using regularly .

The code of robots can be many different format, as I have mentioned above. But you have to technically understand it by practically.