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Google put a penalty on many websites that offer poor experience to mobile users. Later on, it was confirmed that Google mobile friendly website. A Mobile Friendly Website means user can view your website easier in full layout as in desktop. You can check your website is mobile friendly or not by using Google Mobile Friendly Test tool.

Mobile friendly test is also a part of the overall ranking criteria that come into the ON Page SEO. You can use one of the tool given below to check a website is mobile friendly or not. By making a website mobile friendly, you will not only satisfy your users, but you will also see a rank improvement in your search engine. Use Google mobile Responsive test tool to check your website’s mobile friendly score.

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How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

  • Use a responsive theme. Generally all latest themes are mobile friendly and responsive.
  • Do not create one more separate mobile friendly website
  • You should only use responsive design
  • Use viewport meta tag
  • Make Your Button Sizes Large Enough to see on Mobile device
  • Do not use default zoom
  • Make Your Website Responsive
  • Compress Your Images and CSS

List of Online Mobile Friendly Test Tool


The average of a website speed in Mobile is 50 and Desktop is 70 in (100). You can check your website speed score by using Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix. Website Making mobile friendly is also play vital roll to increase website traffic. Hope the above information will help you to optimize your website speed in mobile.