Growth In Your Instagram Page

Boost Growth in Your Instagram Page in 2022

Social Media

Successful business seems untenable without overt and active social media presence. Among others, Instagram stands out as one of the largest social network platforms in the world. More than one billion of its followers constitute a massive target audience with a lot of competition to cover and attract as large a part of it as possible.

This is why it is not enough to be just active or energetic to increase the number of your free Instagram followers, it also takes one quite a bit of creativity and innovation to act differently and to be seen as different by that audience.

What are some of the most effective strategies to that end?

Who Do You Want As An Audience?

To begin with, you cannot target all one billion of Instagram’s followers, so make up your mind about who exactly you want to buy your message.

Do your research to understand the needs, behavior, and even idiosyncrasies of that segment.

Come up with a specific, time-bound, and realistic action plan to start making specific steps.

It Costs Money To Make Money

It is never a bad idea to solicit professional digital marketing services like SubscriberZ that can help you effectively acquire new subscribers and increase your reach in a matter of hours.

Pay Due Attention to Visual Content

The basis of SMM promotion is great visual content. So no promotion methods will work without interesting photos and videos. Make sure your images, mems, and videos are of the highest quality, appealing, and diverse. You can use an online video editor in creating interesting videos. If applicable, also consider doing live videos.

Make yourself more visible to the outside world by using the right keywords that direct potential followers more easily and speedily to your profile.

Keep Up

Stay innovative by utilizing advanced products like IGTVs and Instagram Reels.

Short videos were first popularized by Vine and then TikTok. If you are already using TikTok, simply share your videos from the platform to Instagram Reels. The most suitable types of videos for Reels (and TikTok) are comedic in nature.

The 80/20 Rule

Also, remember Pareto’s rule of thumb, named after the economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto, which states that the first 20% of efforts yield 80% of the final result, and the remaining 80% of efforts yield only 20% of that result.

Do not forget that the ratio of selling posts to the rest of the content should be 20/80. By correctly choosing the minimum of the most important actions. You can quickly get a significant part of the planned full result, while further improvements are less effective and may often not be justified.

In your feed, the user sees only the first 2-3 lines of text under the photo. And your task is to start with the most interesting.

Considering such rules can prove effective for the analysis of efficiency factors of any activity as well as the subsequent optimization of its results.

Be Interactive

Interact and respond! Keep in touch with the accounts you follow and do not forget to respond to comments (even if they are not always pleasant).

Human love games at any age and any society, so engage your target audience in creative games to keep your followers happy and entertained.