ways to get more Instagram followers

Seven Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

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Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform across the globe. This fast growth can be attributed to the majority of young audiences that constitute the user force. It has made people overnight celebrities and made small businesses go international. However, the cornerstone of this process is increasing Instagram followers with engagement.

Both these things go hand in hand in becoming popular on the platform. That is why people also buy instagram followers for headstart. But having a high number of Instagram followers with no engagement is worthless.

Multiple ways can help you earn some followers. In this article below, we have a meltdown of all of them in simple words.

1) Create the Perfect Profile

First impressions are underrated, and nothing proves this more than Instagram.

Make sure to perfect your Instagram profile as much as possible. Upload a high-resolution profile picture with a short and cool Instagram bio. If you have any blogs or websites, mention their links too.

When it comes to the feed, you are free to experiment. You can pick a particular aesthetic, spread colors, and do whatever you prefer. Leverage Instagram’s creativity to the best.

Most followers are earned by attractive feeds and profiles that appeal to the audience at first glance. Therefore, your feed guarantees engagement, and you do not need to buy Instagram followers.

2) Collaborate

Collaborations are used everywhere for better publicity and visibility. It is a popular marketing trick used by top brands too. The Nike Dior sneaker is the best example.

You can collaborate for various activities like challenges, QnA sessions, quizzes, etc., to gain better visibility and earn a good amount of followers on Instagram.

However, pick the right partner so you can target the perfect audience. You can increase engagement on Instagram and get followers only by targeting the right audience.

3) Look out for Peak Activity Hours

It is one of the most overlooked aspects of Instagram marketing. It is important to check for the peak activity hours in your region. Every place has its own peak hours that guarantee the highest engagement. Posting at peak hours will fetch you maximum visibility and increase engagement on Instagram.

However, if your audience is in a different time zone, you need to adjust your posting hours accordingly. As a result, you will be able to target the audience at the right to increase engagement.

4) Be Consistent

Posting pictures, videos, reels, etc., is a central part of Instagram’s SEO. Accounts that post consistently are ranked higher than the others, thus gaining better visibility and more engagement on Instagram.

Apart from this, the increased exposure to your content creates a psychological impact that leads to greater interest and inclination towards your content. It is a crucial method to help increase Instagram engagement and followers.

Remember how continuous advertising of a particular commodity creates interest or inclination towards it?

5) Experiment

Considering Instagram SEO is vital to ensure long-term and quality growth, however, one should not resort to monotony. What I mean is, that posting the same content will not sustain your followers to get you new ones.

The only way one can earn followers is by experimenting and being creative. It is possible to be creative yet follow Instagram’s SEO.

For example, you can be consistent but post different challenges or new trends every day.

6) Post Shareable Content

Amongst all the channels of engagement on Instagram, saving and sharing make the highest impact. Apart from commenting and liking, isn’t sharing and saving the two highest performed actions by you?

You can take advantage of this factor and create content that can be shared or saved. This category generally has funny videos, quotes, memes, tutorials, etc. So try creating similar content.

This kind of content is equally fun and engages people helping you get more followers.

7) Use Hashtags

Instagram’s SEO relies heavily on hashtags. Instagram recommends accounts to users based on the hashtags they follow or the hashtags the accounts they follow use.

As a result, using hashtags related to your niche and specific posts can help you attract visitors to your page. It can help you target a relevant and interested audience that will follow and engage with you.

Instagram offers massive potential to reach and influence masses of people. It has recorded more than a billion users, and the count is constantly on the rise. Acknowledging this potential, Instagram now has a business profile feature that helps one market their account.

You can use this feature for sponsored ads, tracking metrics, and engaging better with your followers.

Instagram is constantly changing and evolving with time and changing trends, and these changes toughen the competition. Some people try shortcuts like buying Instagram followers and likes. However, these are shortcut methods that only guarantee temporary results.

Thus, to gain some real engagement, organic Instagram followers will only help.