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We have listed below the best Hibernate MCQ Quiz that will help to check your basic knowledge of Hibernate. These are the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) related to Hibernate Framework. Also Read: OOPs MCQ

This Hibernate MCQ Test contains latest Hibernate MCQ. Test you knowledge by selecting the right answer from the option given question. These are very helpful for Hibernate Interview preparation.

List of Hibernate MCQ or Hibernate Interview Questions

Question:- Hibernate is a

Answer: ORM ( Object Relational Mapping )

Question:- HQL Stands for

Answer: HQL Stands for ( Hibernate Query Language )

Question:- What is an ORM stands for

Answer: ORM in Hibernate stands for ( Object Relational Mapping )

Question:- How many layers are available in Hibernate architecture

Answer: 3 layers are available in Hibernate architecture

Question:- In Hibernate QBC stands for

Answer: QBC stands for Query By Criteria

Question:- Is Session is created per thread in hibernate

Answer: Yes

Question:- What is the latest version of hibernate

Answer: 5.4

Question:- Database that is not supported by Hibernate

Answer: FoundationDB

Question:- What JDBC stands for

Answer: JDBC stands for ( Java Database Connectivity )

Question:- Elements used to define specific mappings from a Java classes to the database tables

Answer: Class