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More Technological Education, is it Worth Going to Professional Forums?


One of the most common ways to communicate online is a forum. Initially, the concept “forum” meant a public event held to resolve some issues jointly. A web forum pursues the same goals but uses other means and organizes the communicative process differently.

How does a Web Forum Work?

A site or its section can operate as a forum. Such resources are most often devoted to narrow topics, for example, “Web designers forum”, “JAVA programmers forum”. There are also forums with a broader specialization and so-called forums about everything where users communicate on various topics.

Inside a forum, an administrator creates sections and subsections in which users communicate. There are topics inside each section. As a rule, topics can be created by all registered users, but an administrator can also impose restrictions on some sections.

Simply a topic creator asks a question and begins a discussion by answer my question. Those who want to share their opinions post messages that necessarily contain a user’s nickname and a message posting date. Everyone can participate in discussions. In some cases, even unregistered users may post messages marked as “Guest”. Must Read: Newest Trends For Designing A Website

An administration enforces rules strictly on self-respecting forums. For this, moderators are selected from among active users. They can delete a message or a topic, as well as move a topic to another section if it was started in the wrong category. If this happens, a moderator should inform an author about a reason, indicate an item from site rules that were violated.

Moderators usually monitor order on a voluntary basis, without receiving material remuneration. On large forums, administrators assign specific sections to moderators in order not to burden them with work.

There are many additional features for registered users. They can post brief information about themselves on a personal page, add an avatar and a signature which will be added to each their post. There is a possibility of personal correspondence. No one except a recipient will see messages sent in this way.

Forums often have rating systems. Each user can raise an interlocutor’s rating slightly by clicking on a plus sign in a useful message. This system is aimed at selecting the most experienced conference participants giving the most correct recommendations. Also, important indicators affecting a forum user’s authority are a registration date and a number of messages.

Such communication is very important because all messages are saved for a long time. Therefore, a question analyzed in a discussion will be a source of information not only for its participants but also for many readers.

When facing educational difficulties, many students turn to forums for advice. This way to gain knowledge is much easier and cheaper than attending specialized IT courses or taking lessons with a tutor. You may just start a topic and wait for the reaction of other people. But is this way really effective? Can information gained at forums benefit you? Are people communicating at such resources entitled to give some recommendations?

Is it Worth Reading Web Forums?

There are many different forums on the Internet. You can find entertaining, professional and cross-cutting sites. We can say more positive than negative things about serious professional forums. They can really help students in decision-making, save their time, energy and money. But there are not many such forums.

The bulk, despite a narrow specialization, boils down to discussing some nonsense. You will have to reread an incredible amount of information before finding useful tips. If you go a different way and create your own topic with a question or a request, there are also no guarantees that correct answers will be received.

Each forum has its regulars. Who are these people posting thousands of messages? In most cases, they are just idlers who know an answer to any question, but purely theoretically. All their arguments are based on a subjective opinion. Communicating with such people, at best, you will lose time, or at worst, they will incline you to make a wrong decision.

Such loafers are losers in real life. In fact, they do not have time to live. When can they engage in real life if it is necessary to sit on a forum for a few hours, acquaint everyone with their opinion looking into a social network in parallel? There is nothing to learn from such people.

Of course, there are exceptions. IT guru also visit forums, as a rule, to advertise their services. Also, there are many people with average knowledge level. Let’s say a user is strong in developing applications but does not know how to typeset websites. If asking one about application development, you will get the correct answer. If asking about typesetting, one can mislead you.

We can conclude that forums are a kind of lottery. There are no guarantees that you will not receive false or outdated information, especially when reading topics posted several years ago. It is necessary to choose a site very carefully or better consult a qualified tutor.

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