Buying YouTube Subscribers

Unveiling the Myths and Facts about Buying YouTube Subscribers

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Hundreds of videos are uploaded on the YouTube app every minute in different contexts. Moreover, many leading influencers, content creators, and celebrities are already running successfully growing YouTube channels with large numbers of subscribers, likes, and comments. So, attracting viewers and encouraging them to watch the videos is increasingly challenging for YouTubers, especially beginners who have no or just a two-digit subscriber count.

Fortunately, there is an effective solution for buying YouTube subscribers and giving an instant and significant boost to the subscriber count. It has become a widely popular strategy for forgetting more viewers and user engagement effortlessly and quickly. But, since it is a paid strategy in which you receive real subscribers by paying some amount, there are misconceptions or myths that need to be debunked.

In this post, we will highlight some common myths about purchasing subscribers on YouTube and their true facts.

  1. Purchased subscribers are fake

Buying subscribers on YouTube is an excellent solution for those who are struggling with gaining maximum subscribers and higher engagement. It is often said that bought subscribers are fake and produced by computer programs or bots. This is just a myth because there are many reliable social media service providers that are offering real subscribers.

For example, FBPostLikes deliver authentic YouTube subscriber to facilitate organic traffic and channel growth. You just need to be aware of fake service providers. Ensure that their services don’t go against the terms and conditions (terms of services) specified by YouTube.

  1. Purchasing subscribers is illegal

Purchasing YouTube subscribers is not illegal because you are not breaking any law by implementing this trick. It is completely legal in all forms and ways. Social media experts also recommend purchasing authentic services as a smart strategy to boost your channel’s growth.

However, it is important to stay updated about the techniques that are against the terms of service (TOS) of YouTube. For example, bot subscribers or fake subscribers. If you are buying 100% real subscribers, then it will be completely safe and legal.

  1. Famous people or brands never buy subscribers

This is the biggest misconception that everyone must erase from their minds. Achieving higher popularity within a short time is not possible for anyone as competition on YouTube is increasing day by day. It is not true that famous YouTube channels never buy subscribers. To achieve success, it is not all about hard work but YouTubers need to opt for a proven strategy like purchasing YouTube subscribers. The channel doesn’t need to be a big or finished product to buy subscribers.

  1. Your YouTube channel or account will be deleted

If you think that purchasing subscribers simply delete your channel, then you’re mistaken. YouTube platform or its algorithm can delete your videos or account if your content is illegal or violates some specific YouTube rules. This means you can buy subscribers from authentic websites without giving it a second thought or without worrying about the deletion of your video or account.

  1. Your YouTube account will be banned

NO! Your account will not be banned if you buy YouTube subscribers that are not against YouTube’s terms of service. The reason is that every content creator on this platform is buying subscribers, comments, and views to standout from the crowd. Your account will be banned when your posted content is found to be illegal or against the TOS of YouTube.

  1. You need to provide your passwords

No reputed service provider will ever ask you for your password or OTP. If they do so, consider it a red flag and switch to another provider who doesn’t mention it in the conversation or any document. Providing your password will provide them access to your content, email, and cloud material as well. The recognized provider will just ask you for the link of the video for which you need subscribers.

  1. All purchased subscribers are generic

This once again depends on which provider you are choosing. While some providers deliver generic subscribers, others offer customized packages with the ability to customize subscribers and get premium-quality relevant engagement. You will get subscribers that are simply relevant to your YouTube account and content.

  1. You don’t require buying subscribers

Thousands of brands, businesses, celebrities, and influencers are purchasing subscribers to increase audience reach, social proof, and engagement rate. Buying quality YouTube subscribers has multiple benefits like improved credibility, ranking improvements, kickstart career growth, and lots more. Many famous YouTubers have achieved a high level of success and benefit from purchasing subscribers.

  1. All bought subscribers are the same

Purchasing genuine subscribers will flood your video with a large number of real and unique subscribers. Each subscriber that you paid for is completely unique in itself. They will vary in their location, username, and other factors. No viewer or YouTube algorithm will come to identify that they are paid subscribers.

  1. Purchasing subscribers is the only smart way

Many people think that buying YouTube subscribers is an all-in-one strategy that can boost their channel’s growth and revenue. It is just one of the techniques that need to be combined with other tactics to keep growing your channel. Purchased subscribers will give a much-required push to your videos and channel but to become a viral sensation on the platform and maintain the momentum, you need a dozen of other strategies as well.

When it comes to keeping viewers engaged in the long run, it is essential to invest quality time searching for their requirements and creating quality content. Respond to viewers’ comments and participate in YouTube communities.


Becoming a YouTube sensation can take you so many years and lots of effort. Boosting the level of success of your channel and achieving a higher engagement rate needs implementing several strategies, staying updated with the latest YouTube trends, and keeping some patience. This process can become easier and faster by purchasing YouTube subscribers. So, just keep these myths aside and buy genuine subscribers.