How can mobile apps increase conversion rates

How Can Mobile Apps Increase Conversion Rates?


It is surprising to know that more than 2.6 million applications are there in the Google Play Store? With these many applications in-store, all that matters is to stand out simply! It is imperative to maximize the traffic coming to the app store listing and in-app purchases.

In the current scenario, mobile applications have taken over the global business space. In 2020, worldwide revenue from apps boosted to 318+ billion U.S. dollars than 60 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

Today, millions of applications are on popular app stores, including the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Hence, this brings us to discuss and put light on the best ways to improve conversion rates of mobile apps.

What is the mobile app conversion rate?

The mobile app conversion rates refer to the number of visitors taking the desired action on the website. The rate is two-fold:

The number of visitors viewing the app listing while installing the application.

The number of apps instills making an in-app purchase

A conversion rate is a vital tool for owners and app developers while signifying the performance in the app store. It essentially reflects the way the user utilizes the app and the impression the app makes in your life. Furthermore, it aids in identifying the connection between users finding your app and downloading it.

How to calculate the app conversion rate?

When you decide what you want to focus on, there is one step before you strategize. This scenario entails learning ways to calculate the conversion rate of the app. This further entails being a pivotal part of calculating the revenue.

It is not a hassle. In fact, it is pretty simple. All you need to do is to divide the number of people taking the desired action on the app by the number of visitors. The rate depends on the vertical, the history, and the number of active users.

Ways to increase the app conversion rate:

In order to convert the visitors, it is vital to offer a user-friendly experience for them to find a way out and not get lost. When your app has been installed, it also means that they got attracted to your app by viewing the ads. The next step you need to take is to determine how to increase your mobile conversion rate.

Leverage smart user segmentation

Using user segmentation is one of the best strategies for increasing mobile conversion rates. If the app does not have a specific niche, you must try to address the personas making the most of their own interests. This scenario is where user segmentation is crucial. When you manage to grasp the target audience’s requirements, half your battle is won! You can then keep them engaged in the app.

Segment the users while creating varying strategies for every user. This scenario will help you attain a great way of starting the campaign. You can furthermore group the users in the way they convert. You must opt for the system that suits them while keeping in mind the users, their needs, and monitoring their behavior. Customize the campaign for the users while attaining double conversion.

1) Facilitate customization

If you are wondering how to improve mobile app store conversion rates, you must analyze the requirements of varying platforms. To increase the download on the app store, you must be aware of their differences.

Hence, the design, words, and campaigns are likely different. The apps are popular on each platform, and therefore the competition tends to vary.

Instead of opting for the one-size-fits option, it is necessary to customize every platform’s app store listing. If you ask yourself to attain more users for the app, the approach will benefit in increasing the conversion rate.

2) Enable localization

Technological developments have accelerated globalization while minimizing geographical boundaries. However, we still cannot ignore the specifications and peculiarities of the communities involved. Engaging users does not mean that you will attain a similar strategy.

It is vital to perform regional marketing by translating the app into the local language. The messages might need to utilize varied features. Localization is the procedure of localizing the app. This scenario is an efficient strategy helping in increasing conversion rates.

3) Make the app easy to install

If you want a potential customer to become a customer, this is one of the steps you must take. You must ensure that the customer converts and you, at the same time, remove all obstacles on the way. The less information you ask, the higher conversion you receive. This scenario is why you must keep all pop-ups significantly streamlined, straightforward, and easy to function. This scenario helps in decreasing abandonment.

Enable quick purchase methods by using more accessible built-in payment options. The more complicated the payment process gets, the less likely the customer is going to stay interested. Hire the best app development companies to design a user-friendly app for your business.

4) Streamline the processes

All apps are designed to help you serve better. Hence, identify the friction points. Check whether the app needs registration, GPS tracking, or data privacy. Many mobile marketers have now highlighted how recognizing the friction points can be beneficial. You must ensure that the steps are necessary while being a delightful experience to go through. You will soon be surprised to see how the number of drop-offs reduces in no time.

5) Optimize for the better first impression

All that matters in the first 5 seconds is the decision criterion. You can very well explain your application in simply 5 seconds. This scenario is when it is crucial to encourage visitors to download, engage, or confuse them. Hence, for a better conversion rate, make sure you focus on prioritizing a great first impression. For that, you need to personalize the app as per the store.

Key Takeaways

With these strategized steps, increasing the conversion rate is possible in ways unimaginable. Get in touch with a professional mobile app development company to design a top-notch app and improve the rates in no time with better personalization.

Track the conversion action of your app to monitor the conversion, and make most of the strategies discussed above for better results.

Author bio:-

Kosha Shah is a digital strategist at Technostacks Infotech, a top web, software, and mobile app development company in India, USA, and UK. She writes engaging blog topics for trends, mobile, and industry software news.