First Date

The First Date – Impressing Someone for The First Time


Your first date is the most important date of all when beginning a relationship with somebody. As we all know, first impressions really do count, so it is important that you do things right if you want to impress. The first impression that you make will have a huge impact on whether there will be any follow up dates.

Many people base the eligibility of a partner based on how well they connected on the first date. This being said, the first date need not be extravagant. The attempt here, will not be to woo your partner by flexing wealth, but by showcasing how attentive, kind and impressionable you are.

What is important here is that no matter what happens on the date, you must be yourself. Trying to be somebody else is a facade that can only be maintained for a limited period of time – it will not be long before they begin to see through that. Also, do you really want to be with someone who does not like you for who you are?

No matter where you are going or what you are doing for your first date, you still want to impress them, right?

So Here are a Few First Date Tips on How to Impress

  1. Make that little extra effort when it comes to your appearance. Whether you are a guy or girl, you will appreciate that your date has made the extra effort just for you, so to do the same for them will obviously be appreciated.
  2. We all know that a first date can be a nerve-racking experience. You will be taking in absolutely everything about the other person, and they will be doing the same to you, and this can be an uncomfortable experience. What is important here is that you just be yourself.
  3. Enjoy it – no matter what the outcome of your first date, if you just relax and let yourself enjoy the whole experience, then at least you can look back on that date and know that you had a good time. Your date will pick up on the fact that you are having a good time and will likely give you the same impression about them.
  4. Remember, the first date is your opportunity to get to know each other, so ask your date questions about themselves or their interests and show a keen interest in what they are saying. People naturally love to talk about themselves or their passions, so they will love the opportunity you are giving them to talk about them.
  5. Avoid talking too much about yourself. This can be a turnoff on a first date especially, so it is important only to give away certain aspects about yourself and leave the rest for later. As with the previous point, try to turn questions back to your date and ask them about what they think or feel about certain topics you have discussed.
  6. No matter what you do, first dates should be a fun experience where you can get to know your date a little better. So whilst you might be focused on impressing your date, it is extremely important that you be yourself at all times. If your date doesn’t like you for who you are, then it is time to go and find somebody else. They are not worth your time.
  7. Order a delicious cake through a legitimate online cake delivery in chennai service and surprise your date with this delicious bite. Just before handing it over to your date, you could say something like, “I got this to start off with a bite of deliciousness”. You can also have a sweet hamper made for your date to take back home after the date ends.
  8. That way, you cast a very good first-time impression. Also, a bonus tip, you can ask your date beforehand what kind of dessert they like. This way, you can arrange for the cookies, cakes, brownies or any other kind of dessert that is their favourite to be added to the gift hamper.

On the other hand, making a little effort with your appearance and with how you treat your date will really go a long way to impressing your date who may potentially become a long-term partner.