Jet X Game India

Three Unusual Games for Indians – Pin Up Casino Introduces Jet X Game India


Many players from India and other countries have their favorite casino games. But sometimes gamers would like to experience new feelings. That is why online gambling platforms offer some weird options besides classic slots, poker, keno, and live-dealer games. Pin Up introduces unusual gaming options like Roden Roulette, Jet X Game India, and Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken that Indians might prefer for their casino sessions.

Pin Up Casino India Reviews Unusual Games for Indians: Start with Jet X

If you are searching for some weird games available on online casino websites and in the apps, take a closer look at three interesting variants for entertainment in the context of real-money gambling. Let’s start with Jet X which is available in the Pin Up casino. This is an exciting option that can bring rewards and great pleasure.

This is a catchy arcade with the features of the crash game. The player places the bet to predict the plane’s trajectory presented in the simulation session. Additionally, the multiplayer option is available for more profits and a better experience.

Pin Up India Introduces Other Two Weird Games for Players from India: Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken & Roden Roulette

Not every online casino in India can offer unusual games to experience great gambling for real money like on Pin Up Csino. But if you are ready to search, take a closer look at two more options with a rather weird conception. For example, Indians can find Roden Roulette at one of the best casino in India and try it. The most significant features of the game are:

  • This is a digital version of rat roulette when an alive animal is put on the wheel and can change the outcome of the gaming session.
  • There are two holes in the wheel where the rat can hide. The bet can be won if players wager this way and can predict the rat’s action.
  • This is a great remake of the old casino roulette available in French land-based casinos in 1964. It is worth trying new emotions.

Additionally, there is one more exciting game you can hardly find in each online casino India. This is Tic-Tac-Toe Chicken. The origin took place in the Atlantic. A real chicken named Ginger was the opponent. The digital version has the same concept. There are Os and Xs winning rows to get real-money rewards.

Final Word

The list of unusual games can be longer. It depends on the tastes and requirements of Indian players. Many new slots and card games are remakes of traditional land-based gambling options from the 19th century. Additionally, there are some new variants with a themed background of contemporary reality loved by gamers (favorite films, sports, soap operas, etc.). Be open to experiments and try new to pick sides with extraordinarily perfect matches for your experience.