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Why Should Your Business Use Google Shopping Ads?


Google search engine is the most used search engine on the planet. No matter what we want to look at on the internet, the first thing that comes to our mind is to search it on the google search engine. This is where the google ads come into the frame. Google shopping ads are the advertisements you see on the google search engine.

Taking the millions of customers searching for something in the google search engine with an intent to buy it, catering your google shopping ads in front of them can really boost your business.

Despite being one of the best ways to market your product and services, it is a complex process to market your product and services. They involve a certain set and require some initial effort to get started.

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google shopping ads are the products list ads that you can see on your google search engine. It is an effective marketing channel that caters to searchers’ specific search queries. While google shopping ads have been around for quite a while, it is now at its full potential.

Each google shopping ad includes an image with a product description and other product details. Google shopping ads are supported in 40 countries worldwide. There are other shopping engines, but Google is by far the most popular one.

Why Should Businesses Use Google Shopping Ads?

Most people start their buyer’s journey at google. So advertising your products and services on Google allows you to show your presence from the very first step. In these search results, text-based ads are shown to the users with relevant search queries.

But when it comes down to the google shopping ads, google does the most work. It uses the searchers’ intent and the keywords used for google searches. And then show the users relevant google shopping ads.

This is the main reason why companies pursue ads for their business. Below are the other reasons why businesses should use Google shopping ads.

Reason 1: Enhance Your Brand Visibility

The biggest difference these ads bring is the boost in your brand visibility. You must have heard that you can rank your website higher on the SERP rankings with search engine optimization. Well, it is true. However, the other side of the truth is that it takes time, sometimes even months.

If you have time to invest in and manpower to constantly track the website’s performance, you can certainly go with the organic method of ranking. However, if you want instant results, that’s what google shopping ads come in.

Google shopping ads get you a premium spot on the search engine result page and ensures that the first thing audiences see is your ad.

Reason 2: It Answer To The Intent

For most of the time, advertisements have been interruption-based. Think about the television ads or the ads you see before seeing a youtube video. For the forest time, there have been methods that are INTENT based.

When someone looks for something on google and uses a keyword like “BUY”, this shows their buying intent. If you can deliver to this intent, your chances of making conversion and sales increase by a lot.

In addition to that, google shopping ads come with product details, pricing, and average customer reviews. That means you can complete your buying journey on the search engine result page.

Reason 3: Shows The Product Details

Humans have always been slaves to good visuals. This is the reason why we can remember most of the things represented visually rather than in text. The same truth is applied to the text google ads and google shopping ads.

Google shopping ads are shown with product images. And to further elevate the interest, the product is tagged with a title and product description. Hence, this makes the users’ search easier as getting all the necessary things to make a buying decision.

Take Away

Google shopping ads have been slowly rising in popularity. Once you start using ads, you will slowly get used to the factors which make the ads campaign better than the others.

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