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AAWP WordPress Plugin Review & 10% Special Discount


In the current internet-dominated world, Affiliate marketing has gained huge popularity as a career. But to facilitate affiliate marketing services on your WordPress website, you need special plugins and software. AAWP or get AAWP is one such plugin that enables Amazon affiliate service on your WordPress website. Amazon affiliate marketing allows you to show product details, pricing, and other information on your website. Let us know about the excellent plugin in this AAWP WordPress Plugin Review & 10% Special Discount to get on their plans with the new discount code.  

Firstly, let’s get to know about AAWP.

AAWP is a WordPress plugin for the Affiliate program offered by Amazon. The plugin was developed in Germany back in 2015 by the group fdmedia. The plugin essentially helps your website gain popularity and increase the conversions rate using the world-famous Amazon services. It is a very straightforward service that integrates Amazon services and allows you to use your Amazon affiliation efficiently on your website. And now, they are offering an excellent AAWP 10% special discount. 

Offer the most up-to-date information about Amazon products on your website.

With the AAWP plugin, Your website will always let the latest product information, discounts, and all other relevant info to show. The plugin makes it easy by automatically managing all the affiliate link generation, updated product information. The latest discounts and offers are also updated dynamically with the plugin.  

Excellent customizability and configuration options

Having Amazon products on your website is an excellent way of boosting membership. But fantastic layout designs and proper configuration are also essential in increasing appeal. With the plugin, you get the liberty to adjust the structure and customize the final output either directly from the settings or using proper shortcodes. You also get to choose from various different designs, styles and even create your own. The customization option allows your Affiliate program to blend in with the theme of your website.  

Compatible with all the WordPress themes

WordPress allows you to customize your website with various themes to better suit your particular niche. But not all plugins work flawlessly with every theme available. The German developers used shortcodes to make the AAWP plugins, making it completely compatible with every WordPress theme available. In simpler words, your affiliate experience will not be hindered by your choice of theme for your website.  

Increase your business using the Amazon Global network and Geo-targeting features

Amazon is a multinational giant that has partner networks all over the globe. They have their services in most countries, including but not limited to Brazil, China, Canada, India, Italy, France, UAE, US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Japan. The Amazon partner networks help your business to get global recognition and customers from all over the world.

Another excellent feature of the plugin that will help you get clients from worldwide is Geo-targeting. The Geo-targeting features allow your website to show products from and available in the specific country where the user is currently located. The feature ensures there will always be products available at local rates for your foreign viewers.  

Compatibility across all platforms

The team put their efforts into making a naturally compatible software with all the popular platforms. The plugin not only works well on your PC or laptop, but it also works equally well on Mobile phones and tablets. The high level of compatibility essentially means you can operate your affiliate program from anywhere. 

Some other features offered by the plugin

There are several features and perks included in every AAWP plan. Some of the best features include the likes of –

  • Local Caching:

AAWP takes advantage of local caching technology. It relies on local data storing to avoid multiple API access requests whenever it needs to deliver content in simpler terms.

  • Tables of Comparison:

The plans also include a handy table maker. The tool helps you create multiple tables for various utilities. You can prepare various comparison tables comparing different products grabbing your viewers’ attention.

  • Text Links:

You get the ability to place links inside relevant keywords using the shortcodes. When placed in a text, the keywords draw the reader’s attention, and clicking on them leads them to your affiliate products.

  • Multiple Widgets:

You can fully utilize your sidebar by using the widgets feature offered by AAWP. Your products will be shown on the sidebar, which has more chances of user interaction and conversion. 

The affiliate Program

AAWP offers an excellent affiliate program of its own. Under the program, you get a 20% commission on each new customer you bring the company. You will also get Custom banners to promote the company by embedding the banner on your website. With the program, you also get various insights like conversion rate, referred visitors’ stats, and many other insights to efficiently monitor your website. 

The sign-up process

The sign-up process for the plugin is straightforward. Firstly, you need to visit the AAWP website and choose an appropriate plan. Then just fill out the necessary details and start your affiliate marketing business with Amazon. All the plans are under yearly renewal service and covered by a 30-day refund. 

Plans and Pricing

AAWP offers four plans catering to different use cases. All the plans include every core feature available and 1 year of free updates and premium Support.

The plans are:

  • Personal: As the name suggests, it is for personal use and gives you the ability to use the plugin on a single site. The plan is priced at €39 per year.
  • Plus: The Plus plan gives you the ability to use the plugin on 3 different websites with a single license. The plan is priced at €99 per annum.
  • Pro: Pro license will allow you to use the plugin on 10 sites, priced at €199 per year.
  • Ultimate: The company’s best license is to use the plugin in 25 different websites. The plugin is appropriately priced at €299 per year. 

Discounts and Offers

Now we reach an essential section of this AAWP WordPress Plugin Review & start talking about the 10% Special Discount. AAWP offers various discounts and promo codes that apply to all its product stack. Currently, they are offering a Promo code that will give you 10% off on their products.


When you use this unique AAWP Coupon, you will instantly get a 10% discount on all the licenses. This effectively makes the starting price of an AAWP subscription €35.1 per year.



  • 30-day refund Guarantee
  • Excellent Affiliate program
  • Premium support
  • Free Demo site
  • Highly customizable and easy-to-use Amazon Affiliate Plugin


  • The products are not searchable inside the plugin
  • The lack of monthly plans

In this AAWP review and discount, we saw AAWP is a very capable plugin for integrating your Amazon Affiliate program on your WordPress website. Using the plugin, you can start earning some decent passive income using your WordPress website.