commercial plywood

Exploring Commercial Plywood for Major Features and Applications


Plywood comes in a large number of grades. The commercial plywood is the standard plywood that you can come across in any engineered wood store.  If you randomly ask any store owner to show you some plywood, there are full chances he will present you with commercial or standard plywood.

The commercial plywood is also known as MR grade plywood in which MR stands for moisture resistance. It simply means that commercial plywood, despite being cheaper than other specific variants of plywood, can withstand a profuse amount of humidity and dampness. Top 10 Auto Parts Manufacturers In India

You will find different plywood variants of commercial plywood in different geographical locations. If you observe minutely, you can find commercial plywood variants made of rubber veneers in the South, and use of eucalyptus in some other locations.

Features of commercial plywood include the following

In India, when almost all woodworkers, common plywood sellers, and even some interior décor professionals talk about plywood, they simply mean MR (Moisture Resistant) grade plywood. For the people who don’t have any specific knowledge about plywood, plywood means commercial plywood. And they make use of this variant in almost all applications.

  1. Commercial plywood produced by leading commercial plywood manufacturers in India is intended to be used mostly in indoor applications.
  2. So many people can get confused about its being waterproof. It is not waterproof. It can combat dampness well but there is a big difference between being dampness-proof and water-proof. The BWR grade plywood comes with waterproof attributes.
  3. In the making of commercial plywood, urea melamine-formaldehyde resin is heavily utilized whereas BWR Grade variants are manufactured making use of phenolic resin.
  4. Be it home use or office, it is considered to be the best variant of plywood for furniture in India.

 Applications of Commercial Plywood

  • It is heavily used in almost all types of interior designing jobs
  • In situations when home or office owners run short of budgets Yet want to get the best results. It is the right material to use.
  • Also offers unexampled flexibility as well as a high level of wear and tear resistance making the realization of different types of designs feasible.
  • As it offers unmatched ease of cuts, the creation of so many stunning designs can be possible with it.
  • Some most common applications of this variant of plywood include bookshelves and lightweight storage cabinets.


There are a large number of plywood manufacturers and suppliers in India offering a wide variety of plywood. Even the standard variant of plywood made by the companies is better than the superior grade plywood variants produced by other manufacturers in the country.