Moving To India

Moving To India? Come Fully Prepared!


If you’re considering moving to India, there are many differences to take into account. And the country has a distinctly diverse culture, so sizing up a move doesn’t fit all. There are many things to know before moving to India, right from what to pack to learning a few phrases in the language. Depending on how prepared you are (or aren’t), it could be either a blessing or a disaster.

1.  Know At Least One Common Language:

If you do travel to a country where English is spoken, you will likely be able to get by with a few phrases in the language of the country, primarily for communicating with auto drivers and shopkeepers. If you’re moving to South India, you should learn basic Hindi in the same way you would learn French if you were moving to China. Hindi, contrary to popular belief, is a less common language in the country. If you try learning their language, you may be pleasantly surprised at how appreciative Indians can be.

2.  Have A Technological Grip:

Technology in India has many advantages and disadvantages. For example, finding connectivity can be challenging in rural areas, while technology-enabled local services are becoming more important in large cities. It can be very complex to get the hang of local transportation systems in large metropolises, even if you are an Indian from another part of the country.

To help you, it is prudent to find local apps that can provide you with handy information. Several tech tools are indispensable when traveling, such as the Delhi Metro for Delhi-NCR and the M-Indicator for Mumbai, as well as those that can help you locate an ATM or a public restroom.

3.  There Is A Lot To Taste, So Maybe Go Slow:

Indian cuisine is known for its flavorful nature, and is vastly different from Western fare in many ways. If you plan on tasting Indian food in India, the prudent thing to do at least initially is to take it easy. It’s better to avoid eating street food or drinking water from restaurants during your first few days here unless you want to spend it sick.

4.  Be A Bit Extra Punctual, For Cars Do Not Quite Move On Roads:

The same thing may seem to apply to virtually every major city in the world. But the truth is that Indian traffic can be unpredictable and chaotic in a way that its western counterpart cannot. It is advisable to plan for traffic disruptions in large cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata since trains and buses rarely stick to schedules. As for roads, it is advisable to plan for local festivals, strikes, and other situations that disrupt traffic. You can also beat the traffic with cycles on rent in Pune, Jaipur, and Kochi.

5.  What And What Not To Pack:

The country of India is sometimes regarded as a single country. When in fact it is a continent with many cultures and landscapes. As such, India has many of the major geographical characteristics. In consequence, each state or region within India can have climatic differences as wide as possible. Therefore, your packing needs can drastically change depending on where you are moving to within the country. You can get essentials like an oven, television or washing machine on rent in Ghaziabad and other cities like Ahmedabad and Pune.