Prevent Hair From Getting Frizzy

How To Prevent Hair From Getting Frizzy Due To Humidity


Just like skin with open pores tend to be oilier and prone to breakouts, when hair cuticles are opened and moisture seeps in, frizz is the disturbance that takes place. If your hair is over-processed, the damage might be more as it become more porous allowing humidity to be absorbed. This ultimately leads to frizz. For fine hair, it becomes limped, while thick hair becomes poofy. Therefore, how can this be avoided when humidity tends to increase by the day? Here goes the few simple process to follow that can help guard your hair against humidity.

  1. Add essential oil to your hair care routine

There are many types of essential oil that can work wonders in preventing frizz. It can actually be applied on the hair shaft and guard against extra moisture. Oils like coconut and peppermint works the best to protect the hair cuticles from seeping in moisture from the atmosphere.

  1. Make some changes to your drying rule

Make some changes to your drying rule

As soon as you done washing your hair, get on to removing maximum moisture you’re your hair. Use a microfibre towel which absorbs moisture faster when you squeeze and blot your hair. Switch to a hair dryer with ionic technology like Vega Ionic 1400 W Hair Dryer that locks the natural moisture of your hair and keeps it intact. It also come with 2 heat settings which you can customize to maintain the heat.

  1. Add a hair straightener to your styling

Add a hair straightener to your stylingSometimes just blow drying may not be enough to control frizz. Flat irons or hair straightener with ceramic coated plates and temperature setting would be the best for controlling excess frizz and flyaways. Such a technology will help keep a balance of temperature every time you use it and will make sure not too much heat is applied to the hair that might damage it.

  1. Use frizz controlling hair care products

Choose only an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner in this humid season. Make sure your shampoo moisturizes well and conditioner smoothens out the hair taking care of dryness and frizz. There are many conditioners that fight frizz by blocking the pores in the hair cuticles. Most of these products require a wash and its important to wash it off only with cold water as it helps better in closing the cuticles and leaves hair less frizzy and under control.

  1. Choose anti-frizz serums

Choose anti-frizz serums

It is crucial to pick anti-frizz hair serums that eradicates frizz in no time. Vega Nature Care Hair Serum is the one that features 5 active ingredients to protect from 5 visible signs of damaged hair i.e hair fall, dry hair, rough hair, dull hair, and split ends and impart a frizz-free high shine. Apply it every time you have to step out of home with an open hair.

  1. Avoid washing your hair too much

Washing your hair too often strips off the natural oils which in turn leads to dry and frizzy hair. Humidity takes advantage of such a thing and seeks to get into the hair cuticles. Try washing your hair every 48 hours for maintaining moisture balance. Also, try keeping from excess brushing and combing as this makes the hair prone to breakage.

Given these measures, you will surely be able to get rid of the excess frizz you battle with every day, given the rising humidity. Frizz is definitely a big bummer any day, and if it remains unchecked, it leads to a damp poofy look which spoils the look you wished to pull off. Follow the above-mentioned steps and see how your hair transforms form frizzy to fantastic.