Keys to understanding the handicap in betting

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We can find different pick types, probably the betting handicap, which generates the most doubts among our tipsters.

That is why we have prepared this post to analyze this type of forecast in more depth, which can be very interesting for our next picks on Bet22 login.

What is the handicap in betting?

Although it applies to various sports, we will focus on analyzing the handicap in the field of soccer predictions. Basically, with the handicap, we give an initial goal advantage or disadvantage to one of the two teams, which can be very useful for matches with unattractive odds.

Normally, this pick is used in games where a team is very favorite over the rival. This is because it is a form of sports betting in which the tipster can determine the goal advantage or disadvantage with which a team starts a match. Using this “virtual” advantage or disadvantage, we obtain more competitive odds and, therefore, are more attractive for the tipster.
Using the following image as an example, we will explain the handicap in betting. The numbers after the team names represent the virtual advantage or disadvantage that we will apply to a team in our bet.

For example, we are convinced of the victory of Team A, and we bet on your victory with handicap -1. This means that the match, for our bet and virtually, would start 1-0 in favor of Team B, so Team A would have to win by two or more goals difference (0-2, 0-3, 1 -3,…) for our bet to be a winner.
And in case of a tie? We apply the Asian handicap, so in the event of a tie (with the handicap applied). The amount of our bet is returned to us.
Following the previous example, if we play in favor of Team A with a -1 handicap. And the match ends 0-1, and our bet will have finished 1-1, and therefore, the amount wagered would be returned to us.

Decimals in handicap betting

Decimals in handicap betting come from a variation known as the Asian half-goal handicap, which offers us possibilities such as betting on Team A to win with a -1.5 handicap.
Using the half-goal handicap modifies the assumptions in which we win or lose the bet and eliminates the chances of a tie, so the units of our pick would not be returned to us in a tie.

For example, if Team A wins the match 0-1 and we have bet on a victory for Team A with a -1.5 handicap, we do not draw, but we still need 0.5 more goals for our forecast to be fulfilled.

Tips for handicap betting

As we can see, handicap picks offer significant and attractive alternatives to tipsters, but before launching predictions, we should keep in mind some basic advice.

– Be clear about how the handicap works. It is not easy to fully understand this mechanism, even for people with years of experience in sports betting. Reread this article several times until you are clear on how these picks work.

–Assess the matches in which to use it. Many tipsters will immediately feel attracted to this type of bet. However, we must be aware that we will not always be interested in using the handicap in our picks. From the outset, if we think that a game is going to be even, it would not make much sense to use this type of forecast, and it would be more worthwhile to use a traditional 1X2, always in theory.

-Do not abuse the handicap. It is directly related to the above. There will be matches where the odds are beautiful for the disabled and others that are not. It is essential to identify when that quota is convenient for us and when it is not.

Enjoy all the excitement of football
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