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General Information

In today’s world, there are more than a hundred companies that present online betting services. Among the general competitiveness, there is a large number of companies that have existed for only one year and lost the opportunity to continue their activities due to the weak position of bonus promotions and offers, failed to find their audience or after an unscheduled inspection by the licensing authority, showed themselves on the worst side.

All this prevents users from finding their betting site in Bangladesh and also undermines the credibility of the total number of companies in the market of online betting services.

Company Legitimacy

No company can start operations without obtaining a license to provide gambling services, namely online betting. Each of the betting shops receives a personal license for its services, which spells out the jurisdiction of the company, its rights, and obligations to the customer (user) and to the states where the license is valid. After passing the initial audit, all companies undergo additional checks at least once every six months (this may be a check of one part of the company’s activities, such as documentation, and a global check, which affects all areas of the company).

If at least once the company does not pass even one of the checks, its activities are frozen and it is subjected to a full inspection. For the duration of the freeze, all user accounts (accounts) are also restricted. Thus, the company loses its level in the rating among other companies and also loses a large percentage of trust in the gaming community.

In addition to the license, the company is required to obtain a permit from the Government of each state in whose territory it operates. Without this permission, it is impossible to conduct its activities on the territory of any country, and Bangladesh is no exception.

Protection of Personal Data

One of the most important principles of providing online betting services is to provide a safe space for their users. Bookmaker offices carefully monitor the security of their customer’s data in order not to lose their status in the gambling community and not to undermine the trust of their regular customers, also companies try every year to improve their security system. To do that, they recruit new employees in their security department (experienced professionals who have been in the business for more than 5 years – this is the minimum criteria for a position in the company, who know how the security system works and can only make it better).

The most popular method of protecting websites among betting shops is SSL encryption. This method includes double or triple encryption (sometimes customers are given a choice, sometimes not), which has proven to be excellent in practice around the world. The method closes access to all third parties to the player’s identification information, his photos, and his actions on the platform, especially the bet, except for the access of the top security persons in the company.

The second most popular protection model is the two-step protection (A2), which is currently used by the largest online betting companies. The principle of operation is the same as that of SSL. But if you use these two at the same time, they produce an incredible security effect for the site. A company rarely uses two types of protection at the same time, but if it exists, the security is comparable to the security of clients in the banking institutions of the world.

Some betting companies use a separate system to protect the banks directly. Some pay and provide this kind of protection themselves, or leave in the methods of depositing or withdrawing funds only one option – a bank transfer, which switches all responsibility for the transaction to the bank or banking institution.

Another way to protect personal data, as well as the user’s account, is the result of passing the second step of registration. How does it work? The second step of the registration is to verify your identity and confirm that you use only one account (one person can only use one account on one platform, a second account for one person is strictly prohibited on online betting platforms).

Going through this step is to provide the security service with documents that certify the identity of the account holder. Among such documents are a passport, driver’s license, and national ID card. The access to your account will be limited for some time and your actions on the platform will be significantly limited. After a positive result of passing this type of verification, all of your actions will be resumed, the second time such a check is not carried out only if you begin to violate the internal rules of the company’s charter.

Mobile App

User needs are increasing every year. In the early days of online betting companies, no one thought that it was possible to place bets on the way to work or school, or simply on a long trip somewhere, carrying only a cell phone or other gadget, such as a tablet. So nowadays, it doesn’t seem unusual for users to have a company’s mobile app or a mobile version of its website.

Every company in 2022 has either already provided its mobile app, or its development has already begun and is in its penultimate stage of completion. If there is a mobile app – it supports all operating systems: IOS and Android, they have also optimized for each device thanks to the good work of the developers, this means that the app will adjust itself to the screen size of your device, adjust the best graphics possible for your device and provide a page view so clear that even a child can understand it (remember that only adults can use online betting platforms – people who are over 18 l If the company is still working on their app, they make sure to provide an option to use the mobile version of the website.

Logging into your account, filling out registration forms, or conducting transactions and transfers, as well as the appearance of the variety of games and betting methods are the same as on the computer (or laptop) version of the website. Use the mobile app for online betting and always be in your game!

A Reputation of Bookies

Every betting site in Bangladesh tries to earn a reputation in the gaming community and does so in completely different ways. In some cases, it is signing a contract with a famous blogger or a media personality who has his popularity all over the world. In others, it is an advertising campaign with a club from the world’s top clubs in one of the sports.

For example, if a company cooperates directly with a club, the company’s logo will appear on the team’s advertising banners in all matches for the duration of the contract. Some individual professional athletes may provide personal consulting in betting on sporting events in a particular sport. An individual or an entire club plays a huge role in maintaining a company’s image and improving the percentage of trust among the gambling community from around the world.

Bonuses and Offers at the Best Companies

Initially, let’s consider a bonus of this type, such as the welcome bonus. There is a welcome bonus in every bookmaker’s office. But in 75% of the companies to be able to use the welcome bonus you need to make your first deposit. The minimum amount of the first deposit is between 450 and 700 Bangladeshi takas.

The maximum withdrawal amount, along with the bonus amount is between 1300 and 12500 Bangladeshi takas. Wagering rules on each platform are different, but they always involve making bets on certain odds to wage the bonus money (bonus + first deposit) in an amount ranging from x3 to x7.

In some bookmaker offices, however, there is a welcome bonus, which does not require a first deposit. Its amount differs significantly from the maximum amount of bonus. When making a deposit and is up to 3000 Bangladesh Taka. But also the “x” of wagering has a much smaller value.

Also, keep in mind that not all betting categories and not all sporting events can be wagered a welcome bonus of any kind.

Best for Bangladesh

It is illegal to act on betting site in Bangladesh. But all of the sites we cited in this article are perfectly safe to use. And some even make exceptions for Bangladesh residents. The first and most striking example is getting the ability to use national money for betting and withdrawals. According to our data, only in two betting sites in Bangladesh, the user has such an opportunity: 1xBet and 22Bet. On these platforms, residents of Bangladesh can not fear the conversion of their money and problems with their use. Top 5 betting sites in Bangladesh:

  1. PariMatch
  2. 1xBet
  3. MostBet
  4. iviBet
  5. 22Bet

Support Service

Each bookmaker’s office has a 24-hour support service, which is ready to answer all the player’s questions. As well as help solve problems of any level related to the activities of the platform or the provision of funds.

Online Chat

Online chat, which is located on the main page of the official website of the company. The shortest response time is here, it varies between 1 minute and 1 hour. Contact using this method if you do not have a large-scale problem that can be solved immediately, so to speak, on the spot.


E-mail, the address of which can be found in the “Information” section on the main page of the company’s official website. If you have a big problem or you need to describe your problem in the big text (describe in detail) – write to the post. The waiting time for the answer varies between 1 hour to 7 days. You can get an extended response and methods of solving your problem.


Direct phone numbers, whose numbers are listed in the “Contacts” section on the home page of the official website. The waiting time is from 3 minutes to 3 hours. They can help you solve your problem step by step or help you figure out where you’re having difficulty on the platform’s website.

Telegram and WatsApp

Social networks, the name of the bookmaker’s office on each of which is listed in the “Information” section on the main page of the official website of the company. Each bookmaker’s office maintains social networks, some more diligently, some less actively. Apply where you feel more comfortable because the waiting time for an answer is not regulated.

And remember, every bookmaker’s office takes care of its users, trying to solve all problems and answer all your questions. Regular customers or you are the first days on the site – support services are the same for each type of player!