Sports betting

Meaning of over/under in sports betting, What are pre-match bets and What is a Tipster

Sports Betting

What is the meaning of over/under in sports betting? There are bets where an approximation of a sporting event is predicted. This bet is based on predicting whether the score will be above or below a pre-established number.

In this type of bet, it is intended to forecast the total number of points, goals, baskets, home runs, games, etc. of a sporting event is higher or lower than that proposed by the betting provider. The general public prefers this way of betting, which also applies to live bets on 22Bet.

Meaning of over/under in sports betting Let’s explain a little bit how over/under works with example:

Over 3.5 goals: In this case the player wins his bet if more than 3.5 goals are scored in the match. In other words or more goals regardless of which team scores, if not all of the goals for the whole game.

Under 3.5 Goals: In this case, the bettor wins if during the match  the number of goals scored by both teams are under 3.5 i.e. 3 or less. 

More than 3 goals: In this case, he wins if more than 3 goals are scored in this case. That’s

or more. But if there are 3 goals, you don’t lose it,  they give it back to you.

Under 3 Goals: In this case, he wins the bet if during the match all the goals scored by both teams are under 3 i.e. 2 or less. If there are 3 goals, your bet will be refunded.

Over 2.75 – You win if the match has more than 3 goals i.e.

goals or more. Bets appear when there are 3 goals. In this case, they will pay you 50% of your bet and you will win the other half.

Under 2.75 – You are the winner if there are 2  or less goals. Similarly, if there are 3 goals, they pay 50% of your bet, and you  lose the other half.

What are pre-match bets?

If you are interested in sports betting, we invite you to know a little more about pre-match betting?

Bets made before the start of a certain event are called pre-match bets. This betting method is very simple and generally the most used.

Players do their prior research to choose the best betting option. In a similar way, those who analyze casino games rely on tools such as statistics or follow the guidance of expert advisors, also known as Tipsters.

What are pre-match bets? How to place a pre-match bet?

You must know the following steps  to make this type of bet. Below we will give a summary. These steps are taken prior to the start of a match or event.

  1. The first place you need to register is at the bookmaker of your choice. This process includes providing your data and thus creating a personal account in the online bookmaker of your choice.
  2. Deposit to your account to have a balance in your favor and thus  your bet. You must use  different means provided by the site you choose to place your bets.
  3. Check if your betting provider offers you a welcome bonus. We recommend that you  read the requirements carefully in order to take advantage of this type of bonus.
  4. Choose the type of bet you want for example: Sports betting.
  5. Select the sport you want to bet on from the list of sports provided.
  6. Find the event or match  you intend to bet on. In this step, you can create bets that combine multiple events.
  7. Choose your betting options from the options provided by the site.
  8. Verify that the selected options are reflected in the virtual ticket.
  9. Indicates the amount you will bet on the selected options.
  10. Close your stake.

What is a Tipster?

If you are intrigued to know what a Tipster is? Here we will help you to know about them. Tipsters are professionals who are dedicated to finding more favorable opportunities and odds to place bets. These people carry out research and analysis of the different sporting events.

They are also bettors, and their statistics as bettors constitute their endorsement before their contractors.

Tipsters share their knowledge and experience with subscribers of the pages where they place their bets in exchange for payment or free, depending on their classification.

In general, they are specialists in a particular sports discipline, taking their specialization to particular competitions. Its main function is to discover the best odds for a certain sporting event; place the bet, and immediately share the information with the people hired.

What is a Tipster? How can you help me?

These professionals are forecasters by trade; If you want to hire one of these betting consultants, you must evaluate their record in terms of profitability and speed.

The greater the number of competitions that he has won, the greater the chances that you will also be a winner. Following his instructions at the precise moment in which he provides you with the information of his predictions.

You can get Tipster-run blogs on the Web, which are used as hubs. In them, you will be able to get informative publications, tips, service offers, and statistical analysis of results aimed at betting fans.


There is a small classification among these professionals.

Tipster Free: those specialists who offer their knowledge to the general public and for free. 

Tipster Premium: They are professionals who require a subscription that leads to a monthly payment to receive both advice and information.