Karakattam: Popular Folk Dance of Tamilnadu


Lets discuss about Indian folk dance that is karakattam. It is the most Popular Folk Dance of Tamilnadu held in the month of August in every year. Karakattam means ( water pot ) is an ancient most popular folk dance of Tamil Nadu, performed in honor of the rain goddess named”(Mariamman“.

Karakattam: Popular Folk Dance of Tamilnadu

It performers balance a pot on their head quite gracefully. Further it is categorized into two types Aatta Karakam and Sakthi Karakam. It is a popular Indian folk dance in Tamil, traditionally performed in a saree.

The Tamil movie Karagattakaran featured its lead actors Ramarajan, Kanaka and Kovai Sarala as performers of karakattam in 1989. The movie become very popular and an advertisement for the dance form. The Karagam pots are decorated with a cone of flower topped by a paper parrot.

When is the Tamil Karakattam Dance Held?

It is also known as Karagam, the popular folk dance of tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh is organize in the month of August in every year. Musical Instruments in Tamil Karakkatam are include Muni, Pambai, Udukku, Nadaswaram and Tavil. Bharatnatyam is the oldest Tamil Nadu’s folk dance which is performed by women. It is considered oldest indian folk dance form.