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What is Marketing Automation, and How does it Work?


Basically, marketing automation refers to automating routine processes so that humans are not required to do repetitive, routine work.

As a term, marketing automation can be explained as the distribution of the most relevant content at the right time to the right people. Personalized marketing is scaled, and content is distributed automatically.

What is Marketing Automation, and How does it Work?

Marketing automation – what does it do? Automating marketing can do what? What is the impact of automation on people’s jobs?

In my view, marketing automation can enable a lot, but people will never want to work exclusively with machines, at least not in the near future. However, people often prefer immediate responses from machines over slow responses from people.

Its most obvious application is in the fact that it gives marketers the capability to use methods that are too labor-intensive for human workers. Using Digimarkkinointi automation means, for example, personalizing messages and content in advance of employees actually spending their time writing personal messages. In addition, an automated approach can identify the hottest leads based on their activities on the website.

Profiling (i.e. segmentation) means the seller has a general idea of the lead even before they get in touch. As a result, your sales team will be able to engage in meaningful conversations with leads right from the start, since it allows them to discuss topics that interest them right away. Data generated through this can also help customer service agents provide a much more personalized experience to leads and customers.

You can also segment your Facebook or Google audiences to target specific types of ads based on leads or customers. To develop smart advertising, you need a volume of at least 1.000 people per audience.

Shortly put, it allows better targeting, customer service, and sales. In contrast, this naturally leads to better results and a better customer experience, since personalised and timely marketing are the only things that will stand out in the current flood of marketing messages.

What is the Purpose of Marketing Automation?

This question took me ten minutes to think about. My final answer was as follows. Any company can benefit from marketing automation. Even if you can only accept one customer a year, it is right for your business. A marketing agency is of no use, of course. Even so, it is something you should consider.

Market automation systems are really broad in scope, which is why. ActiveCampaign, for example, costs €9/month, whereas the price of other tools begins at around €1.000/month. There are actually a lot of advantages to using this tool for that €9 price, so it is foolish not to use it.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Following the list of benefits of marketing automation, you will have a clearer idea of what marketing automation can offer to your business.

  1. Using marketing automation to grow your business
  2. A strategy affects the phases Convert and Engage in the MRACE model. Multiple leads can be converted into trades in the Convert phase, and existing customers can be engaged in the Engage phase.
  3. It is most commonly used as follows. Your company offers a buyer’s guide that can be downloaded. Your potential customer ends up in the marketing automation system after downloading your guide. Then they start receiving emails with information about the guide they downloaded.