CBD Oil for Dogs

What to Note About CBD Oil for Dogs?


What is CBD oil? What are the benefits for dogs? Do they really enjoy this compound? How do you administer it to dogs? The answers to these questions are laid out in this article. So, continue reading and find them out.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD is also called cannabidiol. It is a compound that is extracted from the buds and flowers of the female cannabis plant. Manufactures mainly focus on the buds of this plant because it is where more potent cannabinoids lie.

Although it is gotten from cannabis, it is entirely safe for use. Experts have proven that cannabidiol has healing and therapeutic properties that help the body. When consumed, it provides a relaxed feel but doesn’t get you high. The reason for this is because of the level of THC concentration it has. It has only as little as 0.03%THC. This level of THC is deemed safe for use.

Note that THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. It is an active ingredient in the cannabis plant responsible for providing the “high” feeling. The amount of THC in marijuana is as much as 30%. This is why its users always get high and psychoactive. CBD is considered a legal product across all 50 US states. On the other hand, marijuana isn’t.

Do Dogs Enjoy CBD Oil?

Yes, of course, dogs tolerate hemp products quite well. They have been reports and testimonies from pet parents on how their dogs benefited from cannabidiol.

Dogs like humans have a system called the endocannabinoid system (ESC). This system is found in the central and peripheral nervous systems. And the ESC helps the body to perform to its fullest potential.

When cannabidiol is administered to dogs, it goes through the ESC. And once this happens, the ESC gets boosted and improved. This, in turn, helps to maintain the dog’s overall health. The ESC plays a significant role in regulating sleep, mood and enhancing brain functions.

What is the Benefit of CBD Oil for Dogs?

Benefit of CBD Oil for DogsAlthough there isn’t enough conclusive evidence on the potency of cannabis for dogs still, the reports and testimonies from pet owners and vets would suggest it is highly effective.

Vets highly recommend cannabidiol for pets. This is because it is known to relieve a couple of conditions that pooches suffer from. Here are common conditions that cannabidiol can help treat in dogs:

Stress and Anxiety 

Vets, as well as dog parents, have provided feedback on the effectiveness of cannabidiol on pets. They’ve commented on the potency of this product in relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety in pets. Yes, dogs do suffer from anxiety. It can be a result of changes in the surrounding. It can be a result of unfamiliar noises and objects as well.

Once you find your pup developing sweaty paws or being uneasy, CBD can be introduced. Once this compound is administered, it provides them with a relaxing feel. This, in turn, helps to combat the stress and anxiety they are feeling at that time.


CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties. And this helps to fight chronic conditions like pain. When pooches suffer from pain as a result of inflammatory diseases, cannabis can be introduced. It will act as an excellent pain reliever and help them feel better.

CBD is also active in treating conditions like arthritis, epileptic seizures, and hepatitis. This is because these are inflammatory conditions, and cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin Conditions 

Yes, dogs do suffer from skin conditions. Sometimes this can be difficult to identify. However, cannabis is an excellent solution for remedying skin diseases. Research has taught us that a dog’s skin has several endocannabinoid receptors. When cannabidiol is administered, it binds with the receptors and improves their performance.

So, if your pooches’ skin starts to look dull, you can administer Cannabidiol. This will help to replenish skin nutrients and improve its overall skin health. Below is a list of other conditions that CBD oil can help to remedy in canines:

  1. Dog cancer
  2. Back and muscle spams
  3. Depression
  4. Mood swings
  5. Insomnia
  6. Loss of appetite
  7. Digestive problems

What CBD Oil Dosage Should I Administer My Furry Companion?

Cannabidiol will prove to be effective once prescribed correctly. So, it is best to consult with your vet before administering the compound. Vets are professionals and can provide you with a dosage chart to follow.

However, I suggest starting will small doses when administering for the first time. Do this for a while to notice changes. If there aren’t any notable changes, increases the amount and witness changes in your pooch’s quality of living.

How Do I Find Quality CBD Oil for my Dogs?

The cannabis product you purchase must be high-grade. This way, your pet gets to enjoy all the beneficial effects. Research your provider. Make sure your provider sources his product from organic farms. These farms use superior techniques during their process of extraction. This process ensures that harmful toxins and residues are eradicated from the solution.

Also, make sure to view the label and packaging of your CBD oil. Make sure the label states the THC level inside the product. Keep in mind that the safe level of THC doesn’t exceed 0.03%. This level is secure, as it wouldn’t induce any psychoactive effects.

Take Away

CBD oil is safe for dogs. This is according to research and testimonies from pet parents. However, it is best to research your provider to get quality products. Quality cannabidiol oils are safe and healthy for use. This will help to ensure your furry friend gets a better quality of life.