Gift for Music Lovers

5 Best Gift for Audiophiles and Music Lovers


Whether it’s shopping or making a gift yourself, it is relatively easy to do it when you know what someone is into. Gift for music lovers and Audiophiles are into music, obviously. These people include professional or amateur musicians, musical producers and those who simply love indulging themselves into music. You can choose to be cliche by buying them a pair of new headphones, which is completely fine if the quality is good.

You can go a little sentimental by choosing a super rare or vintage vinyl of their favorite artist. If the budget is not an issue you can even go as far as purchasing a musical instrument. However, if you want to make it extra special but you have run out of ideas and don’t know what to do, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 unique gift ideas for your audiophile and music lover friends or loved ones.

5 Best Gift for Music Lovers and Audiophiles

For Musicians:

If you’re lucky enough to be on gift giving terms with a musician you shouldn’t be afraid to spoil them a little. Ask any professional musician what are the must have items if you want to produce music. Speakers will definitely make it to the top of the list. In fact, most of them use several speakers so they don’t get accustomed to hearing a single tone while producing music. Find out what they need, it could be a high resolution or a low pitch speaker. Drop some money on it to guarantee the quality. It will definitely make them happy.

Say, there is absolutely no need for new speakers. This could be the case. But your musician friend will never say no to subwoofers. If you are not somewhat familiar with the field you may not even know the meaning of the word. But you may have heard them complain about the poor quality of the bass. A bunch of musical terms you don’t understand. Long story short, all you need to know is that a subwoofer is a kind of a loudspeaker that improves audio frequencies of the bass and sub-bass (hence the name). Therefore it is a very important item for musical producers and musicians.

Taking into consideration that the options mentioned above are on the pricier side and not everyone can afford them, we have included a third option, which is also arguably the most unique out of the bunch. Purchase SoundCloud Followers for your musician friend and help them get the attention of the desired audience. You heard it right! You don’t have to be a musician to know SoundCloud is a particularly sacred place even for the biggest names in music such as Drake and Lil Uzi Vert. Being big on SoundCloud is kind of a big deal. You may want to look into what you can do to help your friend get on their level. Starting with helping them increase the number of followers. And it costs much less than purchasing a piece of equipment or a musical instrument.

For Music Lovers:

If the target of your gift for music lovers shopping is a mere mortal but you still want to surprise them with originality you may want to pay an annual subscription fee for the internet musical platform of their choice. Find out which platform they use and give them a 12-month premium access to the music of virtually every artist in the industry, including their current and future favorites. If an annual subscription is over your budget, most musical platforms offer 6 months, 3 months or monthly fee as well. You can’t really go wrong with this one.

For Everyone:

Whether they are a professional or an amateur musician or even somebody who just really enjoys listening to music, a quality mic will make anyone happy. Professionals will make a good use of it, while non-professionals will have a total blast at karaoke parties. There are a couple of not-that-expensive high quality mics perfect for recording your voice. You can trust some positive reviews and order them online or hit local music stores and get a professional consultation while you’re at it. Might come in handy in the future.