SEO Focus Areas for Colleges and Universities

5 Important SEO Focus Areas for Colleges and Universities


Students, parents, and other stakeholders in education are constantly looking for information on colleges and universities. If you are looking to buy college papers, choose a reliable homework assistant to guarantee original, insightful, and A+ quality assignments. Universities and colleges can use this traffic to promote their brands and become the schools of choice.

With thousands of schools to compete with, several tricks will help you to always appear top with every search. The tricks target the content you create, features on the website, and how you respond to target visitors to your website.

SEO areas that Universities and Colleges must Focus on to Improve their Brand Positioning with Every Search

  1. Mobile First

Mobile penetration and its use on search engines is growing by the day. Most of your target students are using mobile phones to search for colleges and universities. If you are to be within their radar, your website must be mobile friendly.

A mobile friendly website loads fast on the latest devices, resizes images to fit the mobile phone screen, and will still show all the features on a website through the mobile phone. Exploring a website on mobile should be as easy as it is on a computer. If the college and university going lot does not feel accommodated on mobile, they will never visit or return to your site.

The latest trick to capture mobile traffic among college and universities going youths is using apps. An app builds loyalty and allows direct communication without using browsers. It also gives a sense of direct communication. It will enhance brand recognition and enable you to sends alerts directly to interested students.

  1. Page Loading Speed

Internet users today are more demanding regarding a page loading speed. If it takes too long to load, they abandon the page for another website. In fact, they will not return to the site regardless of your marketing efforts. This is an SEO strategy that colleges and universities must embrace to increase competitiveness.

Page loading speed is determined by several factors that are at the control of colleges and universities.

  1. Web Hosting– your web host should provide reasonable bandwidth to boost loading speed. The bandwidth should be based on a season when you have the highest traffic. In many cases, you will have a trickle of traffic. However, it peaks as a time when most students are looking for colleges. A site that cannot handle the traffic and load fast will be abandoned by most of these students.
  2. Content uploaded– upload content in a format that can load fast. You have to convert images and videos into lighter formats that can easily load on phone. However, do not downgrade the quality of your images and videos to make them easier to load. It will backfire as the website becomes an eyesore.
  3. Website Template- choose a template that can load faster. More text and fewer videos or images will ensure that the site loads fast enough.

It takes micro seconds for a good website to load. With a lot of content competing for attention, your website should never test the patience of college goers. Constantly review the aspects that could be slowing down your website.

  1. Review Your Keywords

What keywords are used to search for colleges and universities? Can search engine spiders find them on your website? Consider keywords to be hooks that will direct browsers to your website. In the absence of keywords, search engine spiders will just bypass the website.

Regularly add content with trending keywords onto your website. Old content could still be relevant but is bypassed because the keywords are not updated yet. Renew your content so that it reflects the latest keywords.

  1. Optimize on Local Search

Content on your website should be optimized based on the target geographical area. From statistics, you can tell whether your traffic is coming from a particular state, the entire country, or international market. Such statistics help you to optimize content so that it is only found or advertised among the group with the most interest.

Local search optimization guarantees greater value for money when advertising online. It will also increase your conversion ratio, translating into a better ROI. Use keywords that target the particular local market and you will experience better returns.

  1. An Interactive Website

College goers will visit your website for information. They need to engage your staff through the site as well as the content available. Leave room for comments, likes, dislikes, and contacting your college or university. The responses should be fast and comprehensive. Should they feel ignored, it becomes a waste of time and resources to remain online.

Regularly assess the performance of your website to determine whether it is delivering desired results. Do not promote the site as a formality but identify particular performance indicators you can use. Check out the latest SEO tricks and how they apply to universities as well as colleges