Augmented reality

AR for the Automotive Industry


Human beings have become fully dependent on the automobile industry to enable the smooth conduct of our affairs. The world would come to standstill without the cars, buses and trucks. The factories that manufacture such vehicles have evolved tremendously since the advent of commercial manufacturing of cars in the 29th century. We’re finding increased use of advanced technologies in the automotive industry and the focus appears to be on electric cars and driverless cars.

There is another technology called Augmented Reality (AR) along with Virtual Reality (VR) that has created a significant impact across the entire value chain of the automotive industry. Experts have observed that AR & VR in the automotive industry would grow by $5.1 billion in the next five years (2021-2025) at a CAGR of about 32%. Augmented Reality applications are now found in the areas such as design, production, assembly, maintenance, driver assistance, safety and marketing sectors of the automotive industry. These applications have created exciting possibilities for the industry and its consumers.

This post is going to present the wide spectrum of how we use AR in automotive industry. Please buckle up, put on some shades and enjoy this exciting ride on AR in the automotive industry.

Design & Prototype Development

Let’s begin with Augmented Reality applications in the automotive industry during the plan and model improvement of any automobile. Car producers often decrease the general improvement span so that models are brought to market sooner than their rivals. As you are aware, planning and building another model is in many cases an expensive and tedious cycle in auto producing. It is likewise vital to feature the significance of a decent, excellent plan is critical to calculate the progress of any car model. The visual allure of the plan exceptionally impacts the buying choice of an imminent car purchaser.

Specialists and creators use AR-fueled Tablet and wearable Solutions to foster rudimentary AR models to grandstand plan variants with virtual parts, wipe out actual models, and empower the planning group to have constant cooperative plan surveys on a virtual 3D model. The virtualization of the model empowers colleagues from far-off areas to participate and contribute to the survey and conclusion of a plan. The model created can be delivered as a day-to-day existence estimated Photorealistic Virtual 3D model inside a sensible brief span consequently killing asset and cost imperatives related to actual demonstration. Significant automobile makers across the world are using augmented reality applications to reinforce, smooth out and overhaul their plan draws near and make positive contact with their items in the marketplace.

Learning and Development

Individuals are frequently alluded to as human resources nowadays and as we as a whole know well, they are fundamental to the outcome of any endeavor and the automotive industry is no particular case. Profoundly prepared and skillful specialists are the fantasy of numerous industry commanders. Clearly, large production lines are situated near urban communities with a promptly accessible pool of specialized work from colleges and polytechnics. Despite these benefits, workers should be prepared before being sent to mechanical production systems or shop floors.

Augmented Reality innovations have now made arrangements, for example, Maintenance Training Simulators (AR-MTS) utilizing AR fueled Tablets that expand the vivid Digital Twin of the modern automobile situation just inside a homeroom preparing climate. Preparing incorporates picking the right parts and apparatuses supported by bit-by-bit guidelines from Standard Maintenance Procedures (SMP) alongside clear inside perspectives on the gear dealt with. This augmented active experience empowers better comprehension and maintenance of ideas, methods, and procedures to work and keep up with modern hardware and devices in the production line productively. Laborers likewise experience pride in the abilities created and become valuable givers at work. This is one more key area of applying augmented reality in car preparation.

Marketing and Customer Support

Further down the auto industry esteem chain after plan and assembling is marketing and client experience with vehicles. Augmented reality can upgrade the marketing and client experience with virtual Showroom arrangements that help car showrooms emphatically impact clients. AR applications empower the virtual setup of the outside and inside of the cars as wanted by clients assisting them with settling on purchasing choices by imagining and virtually encountering the ideal elements, additional items, and variations. A client can settle on the shade of the outside, the kind of inside decorations, colors, outer mountings, guards, and so forth before swiping that card. These and more can be again accomplished using handheld tablets and wearables.


As we attract a near this excursion on the uses of augmented reality, one can see the value in the degree to which AR is being applied in the automotive industry. The inquiry with regards to what is the utilization of augmented reality has been sensibly tended to. Increasingly more use cases are being distinguished that build up the worth and capability of augmented reality for the auto industry. Whether you are an industry specialist, fabricating master, or a client. It is clear now how this innovation makes in making car businesses smarter, more secure, and useful. And furthermore helps clients all through the lifecycle of the vehicle.