Marie Kondo

7 Hacks Marie Kondo We Learned To Organize A Home


For the longest time, a problem of many homeowners is how they will declutter their spaces and organize their stuff. This is the reason why when Marie Kondo came along, sharing the good news about how you can organize your stuff at Orlando apartments in aesthetically pleasing way, homeowners are quick to take down notes and try out those tips on their own.

They call this the KonMari method. We are not even surprised because, at the minimum, it’s stressful to go home to a messy house. You cannot relax. At the maximum, your mess can be home to lots of pests. If you find yourself in the same situation we mentioned, then maybe you need Marie Kondo’s decluttering tips, too! Let us share with you what we have learned:

Marie Kondo’s Decluttering Tips

1. Declutter first, before buying cabinets and storage spaces

Many homeowners tend to buy lots of cabinets and storage bins to fix the clutter in their homes. At first, you will see the wisdom in that, but you will also notice that you will just add up more conditions for you to accumulate more stuff. While Marie Kondo is also all about proper storage and compartmentalization, she is also more about using your space more efficiently.

The most important point of the Marie Kondo method might just be the art of decluttering. Before you buy lots of storage bins and cabinets that will help you organize your stuff, you must declutter and get rid of all the things you do not need anymore, too.

Even if you have the perfect bedroom drawers, kitchen storage containers, and closet cabinets in the best size and shape, they won’t be of much help unless you declutter first.

We know how tricky it is to plan how you will declutter, especially if we are talking about lots of stuff here. The good thing is that Marie Kondo has also recommended the order by which you can easily declutter your spaces:

  1. Clothing
  2. Books
  3. Paper
  4. Komono (kitchen, bathroom, garage, etc)
  5. Sentimental items

2. Let all your clothes out

It is difficult to declutter all your clothes if you cannot readily see all of them. This sounds like a lot of work, but Marie Kondo recommends taking all your clothes out of your cabinet or wardrobe. This will make it easier for you to declutter and organize your stuff because you will easily see the clothes that duplicate and the ones that you think you no longer want or need. Donate all the clothes that you do not want. On the bright side, you can add the clothes that you truly love.

3. Focus on categories

Decluttering can be quite overwhelming. Many homeowners declutter by going from room to room. This also sounds like the sensible choice, but Marie Kondo says otherwise. The KonMari method recommends that you should focus on categories, instead of the rooms. Marie Kondo says that you will easily see duplicates this way. For example, you will see all the towels you have hoarded once you have taken them all out from their respective places like the kitchen, the bathroom, and your room. You can easily get rid of your stuff once you see how plentiful they are.

4. Go digital

You think you will need all those papers and documents, but you do not. Let go of your filing cabinet and start saving documents online! This will greatly help you with freeing up more spaces. Besides, having stacks of paper will just attract pests and accumulate dust. Free up space and go digital!

5. No to Nostalgia

When we talk about decluttering our spaces, we cannot avoid the need to bid farewell to most of the things we own. We will need to get rid of old clothes, accessories, decorations, and more that we think we need. If you are going to go back to the first point where Marie Kondo ranks the things you should declutter, she placed the sentimental things last with the things that you need to dispose of. Sentimentality clouds your judgment. Those are the things that are sentimental to you, but you do not really use them and even add up to your clutter.

You can be smart about it by being creative on how you can put them to use. You can place old postcards, pictures, and mementos in scrapbooks which you can place on your bookshelf.

6. Reflect

If it gives you a hard time, dig a little deeper and reflect. Do those things, as Marie Kondo would say, spark you joy? What are the reasons you cannot let them go? Marie Kondo explains that this can be because you are attached to the past, scared of the future, or maybe both.

7. Fold it right, stand upright

Probably one of the marks of the KonMari method is its distinct way of folding clothes. When keeping your clothes, you do not just fold them and stack them in your drawer. This will just end up messy. Marie Kondo has a specific way of folding clothes so they can stand upright in your drawer. This allows you to immediately see your clothes and avoid duplicates.

Take care of your stuff!

Here are just some tips that Marie Kondo has shared with us. You can now try it in your own homes for stress-free living. Although Marie Kondo would like to remind us to respect our belongings. Even if you will get rid of it, she emphasizes the need to connect to it—to thank it, in a way. Maintaining the proper order in your house will also be easier if you respect and value your things.