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Email tools feature countless convenient and practical options that facilitate marketers’ professional efforts. Read about the best ones below.

The Best Email Tools For Effortless & Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is a prevalent and effective strategy for boosting sales and turning your online business into a brand. Therefore, marketers have various email tools at their disposal that make their job much more manageable. However, such availability is often a double-edged sword because choosing the right tool for your needs can be impossible.

To assist you in better understanding some of the most popular options that the best email marketers use, we’ve compiled the list below. Note that the following is by no means a ranking of any kind, but merely tools that have proved their worth countless times over. Here are the tools that should be an excellent fit for your online business:

  1. HootSuite
  2. Frontify
  3. ReBrandly
  4. Yotpo
  5. Deluxe Logo Maker
  6. Headline Analyzer
  7. Email Template Builder
  8. Email Marketing Scorecard


When it comes to the globally most popular social media marketing platforms, HootSuite is a household name. This software is among the most practical email tools you can use to generate and then schedule timed posts across numerous platforms.

In other words, you can use only one user dashboard to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram simultaneously. Additionally, your employees can similarly use task creation and assignment to coordinate social media marketing. HootSuite also lets you generate analytic reports to help you understand if your social media strategy has results.


Branding is a must-have in today’s cut-throat world of online business. New companies continuously appear on every corner, and fierce competition makes it difficult to stand out and attract clients. If your branding seems inconsistent, you run the risk of becoming “just another” eCommerce business. In other words, potential clients might see you as two lightweight brands instead of a singular, impressive one.

It is crucial to understand that everything from your color scheme to your tagline matters for brand consistency. Frontify is one of the few email tools that lets your brand generate sophisticated, cloud-based shared collaboration spaces and pattern and media libraries.


Whether you’re a seasoned eCommerce business owner or a novice in the field, URL distribution is likely a part of your marketing strategy. Most successful marketers typically distribute a URL to a specific blog post, discount, or merely to their homepage. However, customers may view URLs – specifically URLs leading to pages located within more significant sites – as off-putting or unattractive.

Additionally, if you opt for any of the widely available URL shortening services, you will only make the problem worse. Such services typically ruin your domain identity and create ambiguous links that customers see as untrustworthy and sketchy.

Enter ReBrandly, which provides branded domain shorteners. Consequently, this email tool lets you briefly share a link to specific content and preserve your URL-based brand identity in the process. For example, some estimates indicate that Twitter click-through rates can go up as high as 34%, thanks to branded domains.


There is an old marketing wisdom that every aspiring entrepreneur should know. Satisfied customers are one of the most powerful branding tools any business can have. Leveraging these customers is effortless with Yotpo.

When it comes to email tools designed to make marketers’ jobs more manageable, Yotpo is top-of-the-range. This tool allows you to solicit recent customers for reviews, including invaluable insight such as Q&As and photos.

Yotpo also automatically chooses your best reviews and posts them on Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. In other words, Yotpo capitalizes on the fact that individuals trust one another more than they do marketers.

Deluxe Logo Maker

The impressionability of a well-crafted logo is a factor you should not underestimate. Think about Coca-Cola: the company’s logo boasts timeless global recognition. When looking to stand out from the competition and conveying your brand’s values and identity, a memorable logo is crucial.

If you are looking to get the most out of such a vital branding tool, Deluxe Logo Maker should be your tool of choice. This platform lets you choose between countless custom-designed logos, each available at different price levels.

Headline Analyzer

This tool comes from CoSchedule and is ideal for coming up with an email campaign’s subject line and blog post headlines. As its name implies, Headline Analyzer examines your headline according to factors like length, choice of words, and type.

After it works its magic, this free tool will offer suggestions for improving your headlines. Simultaneously, Headline Analyzer also remembers all of the headlines you’ve previously entered. You can use this headline history to determine which entry was the best.

Email Template Builder

Your email service provider usually supplies generic email templates that you can use by default. Email Template Builder is an excellent free choice for email tools that provide a breath of fresh air in terms of templates.

This tool comes with mobile-friendly templates and drag-and-drop maneuverability that doesn’t require any coding skills. Consequently, you can design your templates to your liking and functionality.

Email Marketing Scorecard

If you’re only starting to dip your toes in email tools and marketing waters, Email Marketing Scorecard is worth a look. This tool is an ambitious marketer’s best friend because it lets you explore different approaches for brand marketing. Campaign Monitor is the company behind this free platform, which is a household name in the industry.

Scorecard lets users better understand how their emails compare to other companies. You need only fill out a simple quiz, and you receive a scorecard with the results. The best part of using Scorecard is that you can boost your marketing efforts thanks to the platform’s actionable suggestions and improvement tips.


When looking to provide better customer service to existing clients and reach potential ones, Emma is the platform to consider. Emma stands for “Email Marketing” and comes with a host of valuable features for up-and-coming marketers. This platform is excellent for understanding your customers’ behavior by creating and testing email marketing campaigns.

If you incorporate customer segmentation, Emma features Dynamic Content blocks for delivering customer-specific messages. A/B Content Testing is another excellent feature, and you can also use Emma’s dedicated app called Metric to check your campaigns’ performance on the go. When it comes to email tools every marketer should know, Emma is one you should check.