PRINCE2 Certification

Why You Have to Get PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore


Are you passionate about working in the project management field? So, you must have to follow to get PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore. That is specially structured and designed for aspiring project management professionals. It ensures the level up of your professional career.

Surely, there are many queries revolving in your mind related to PRINCE2 certifications in Bangalore. So, stop overthinking and just scroll down to get the amazing info about this professional Certification.

Get Some Brief info About PRINCE2 Certifications in Bangalore

PRINCE2 is basically an acronym for Projects In Controlled Environment. Prince2 is a highly sophisticated project management certification program.

It provides a standardized path that clearly depicts the roles through responsibilities that all to be performing to each team member, who is a part of managing the project.

It breaks down the main plan of the project into smaller chunks. Thereby eradicating any uncertainty with respect to the processes. Consequently, PRINCE2 certified project managing professionals can easily be successful in managing the projects.

PRINCE2 Certifications are conducted and utilized in almost 220 countries worldwide, according to the report of AXA Loss.

Get to know about the various forms of PRINCE2 Certifications

There are generally three distinct types of PRINCE2 certifications in Bangalore.

PRINCE2 Foundation 

This Certification introduced the PRINCE2 method with the goal to confirm that a person knows and understands the PRINCE2 method well after implementing it to any PRINCE2 enabled environment.

PRINCE2 Practitioner

This Certification is for those project management practitioners who want to move on their careers and boost their proficiency in PRINCE2 methodology.


This Certification is for those project management practitioners who already have PRINCE2 credentials and are looking for further guidance in the applications of the Agile methodology.

How is PRINCE2 Certification so effective?

Well! PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore is so effective because it is composed of three integrated elements.

1) Seven principles of business justification: 

  • Learn from experience
  • Defined roles
  • Defined responsibilities
  • Managed by stages
  • Managed by exception
  • Focus on products
  • And tailored to suit the project

2) Seven processes of starting up a project

  • Initiating a project
  • Directing a project
  • Managing product delivery
  • Controlling a stage
  • Managing a stage
  • Boundary
  • And closing a project.

3) Seven themes  

  • Business case
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • Risk
  • Planning
  • Change
  • And progress

Who can pursue Prince2 Certification in Bangalore?

Generally, Prince2 Certification in Bangalore is so useful to all those aspirants who want to become project managers. Moreover, those who have experience in project management and desire a globally recognized credential that will lead to professional career growth and recognition. So, various professionals can pursue this, like.

Project managers, PMO staff, Program Managers, Project management team members, Project Board members, Project Executives, Project management consultants, Quality consultants, Project Engineers, Portfolio managers, Operational and Functional Managers, Software Developers.

Get Mileage of PRINCE2 Certifications in Bangalore

There are multiple reasons that elaborate the facts to get PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore. Let’s move to figure out some of them.

Global Industry Standard

One of the greatest benefits of the PRINCE2 Certification is its acknowledgment and value across the globe. That was originally created by the UK government. It is very popular in the regions like the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, East and West of Europe, etc.

Greater Employment Opportunities

Another amazing benefit is that the companies of both the private and public sectors hold PRINCE2 Certifications as a prerequisite for project managers. One of the greatest benefits of the PRINCE2 certifications is that you can fetch honorable job roles such as Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Project Analyst, Program Manager, etc.

Increased Salaries

Salary is definitely one of the biggest factors of one’s career path. If you take an overview of PayScale, the average salary of a PRINCE2 certified professional is approx. £65K in the UK. $97K in the US. and ₹14.88 LPA in India. However, the salary varies according to the designation, experience, and the hiring organization.

No arbitrary prerequisites

One of the major benefits of the PRINCE2 certifications is that it has no formal prerequisites. Anyone can apply for it without having to worry about prior experience or not. However, it is important to know that having an understanding of project management will definitely be helpful.

Design to adapt to any industry 

PRINCE2 Certifications in Bangalore is renowned at the global scale for its practice-driven approach to Project Management. It can be tailored for all types of projects, including Agile Certification. As discussed earlier, it can be valid for both the public and private sectors. Among public sectors, NHS, British Red Cross, oil & gas industries, etc.., majorly preferred PRINCE2 certified professionals for project management roles.

Better Project Management Skills

Now it’s obvious that as the project grows in size and complexity, there will be more risks and resource conflicts involved in it. In such a situation, the project may get out of control, even after consuming more time and effort. This is where PRINCE2 methodology comes into focus. The adoption of the PRINCE2 methodology will maximize project control. Hence, the chances of the success of your project increase manifolds.

Increased sales of projects

Successful project managers are required to have a good relationship with the business development team. When project proposals are discussed with the business development team and clients, the clients tend to hold those projects to the organizations where they see the project manager as a PRINCE2 certified professional. This is because it reduces the risks involved in the project and increases the chances of successful project delivery.

Allows you to start easy

Another amazing benefit of PRINCE2 Certification in Bangalore is that candidates do not have to wait or prepare for too long. You can start off easily and fetch the PRINCE2 foundation certification without having to wait until you gain experience. That is why a PRINCE2 certification will definitely prove to be beneficial, whether you are a fresher or an experienced person.

Tried and Tested

The majority of the projects failed to meet the deadlines with respect to the cost, time, and resources, etc.… Because of the reasons, such as mismanaged resources, incompetent project managers, lack of planning, etc., with PRINCE2 structured methodology, all project issues can be handled easily. Thereby resulting in the overall success of projects.

Large project management

Organizations usually select project managers based on the size of the projects. When it comes to handling large projects, organizations require someone who can manage many resources simultaneously. PRINCE2 Certification provides a methodology to manage and maintain resources. The chances of PRINCE2 qualified professionals handling larger projects increases.