GogoPDF: Why Should You Convert Your PDF Files to PDF/A?

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There are many ways to make your Portable Document Format or PDF file better than it used to be. One of the many ways to keep the contents of your PDF file safe for future use is by converting your regular PDF file into a PDF/a. This will allow you to keep your PDF file and preserve it for an extended period.

Although a PDF file is created for long-term archiving and safekeeping of electronic documents, it still has features that are not good for long-term archiving. Hence, the creation of PDF/A prohibits features that are not good for the long-term safekeeping of electronic documents. This article will talk about how you can easily convert your documents and the features that come with their platform.

About GogoPDF

Suppose you are facing some challenges with your online documents, especially if it comes with modifying a PDF file you can rely on the online platform of GogoPDF. Their platform is built to cater to any problems or needs you may want to modify your PDF file. Hence, making everything about modifying PDF files more manageable than it used to be.

You can use their platform in a lot of things about your PDF file. Some of the most used online tools in their platform are converting from one type of format to another or vice versa. You can also use the online tools Protect PDF, eSign PDF, Add Watermark, Unlock PDF, HTML to PDF, convert PDF to PDFA, Add Number Pages, Split PDF, pdf merge, and a lot more online tools.

In terms of the effectiveness of the online tools that they are offering, you can rely on its quality and quantity of documents it can convert at the same time. Their platform is battle-tested by many users that mostly have the most complex PDF file needs. Hence, the overall usefulness and advantage that you can get for having GogoPDF as the solver of your PDF file needs.

Why Should You Convert to PDF/A?

Suppose you are handling important documents such as research that can last for a long time or have the information you want to preserve and archive for future use. In that case, it is essential to convert your PDF file into a PDF/A for a better way of safekeeping and archiving your PDF file. It might take you a minute or so, and within a few clicks, you can make your document better.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

It is easy to start converting your PDF file into a PDF/A. All you need to do is prepare certain things to have a smooth conversion experience. When converting with GogoPDF, you will have the luxury to access their platform from a different device of your own choice. You will only need to be connected to a good source of the internet and prepare your PDF file itself.

Suppose you already have all the necessary things to start using their platform. You can begin by visiting their website and choosing the online tool PDF to PDF/A. Once you have clicked on the online tool, you can start converting your PDF file to the new webpage that you have been transferred upon. Here is how you can effectively convert your PDF file into PDF/A.

  1. The first step is to upload the PDF file from your device.
  2. GogoPDF will begin the conversion process.
  3. The Converter will start converting your PDF file into a PDF/A.
  4. Download the new PDF/A or copy the link provided and share it with anyone.

Everything Is Free to Use

If you have chosen to convert your PDF files with the help of GogoPDF, you are making a wise decision, for every online tool from their platform is available for free. Yes! Everything is available for you to use without worrying about lesser quality because every conversion from their platform produces the highest quality possible for your documents.


The GogoPDF is one of the many platforms that help every user with their online document problems or difficulties. Their online tools answer the different issues to keep you away from any troubles that you might experience when using an online document such as a PDF file in the first place.

Suppose you have chosen to use GogoPDF as your online tool platform. You will be able to use all of their online tools without any payments, and on top of that, you will be benefiting from various features that allow you to have a smooth experience converting with their platform.