Crypto Portfolio

How To Build A Great Crypto Portfolio This 2022


A crypto portfolio is essential for profitable crypto investments. The options for building one are endless. However, like every other financial investment, some amount of diligence and intentionality is required to create a great portfolio.

Tips to help you build a great portfolio this 2022

  1. Understand The Basics

Whether you’re commencing a small-scale investment or planning to allocate a considerable amount of resources into building your portfolio, it’s essential to understand cryptocurrency basics. Blockchain technology and digital assets are governed by certain principles, which you should know. Hence, you should invest time and effort in doing your homework.

The knowledge of crypto basics will expose you to current opportunities, guide your expectations from the market, and protect you from making costly mistakes while building your portfolio. The more grounded you are in the basics, the easier I’d be for you to build your portfolio in the short and long run.

  1. Conduct Adequate Research

Once you gain a basic understanding of crypto dealings, your next action should be to conduct some research. Research is a step further in the quest for relevant information. Through your research, you learn about the various virtual coins in the market and the specific ones you’ll be investing in. Likewise, you should research the teams behind your preferred coin and see how well they’ve been performing over time.

Crypto research has to be an ongoing process because the crypto market is volatile, and the value of coins can shift in terms of ranking. However, with adequate research, you can gain insights into current and expected trends and, through that, prepare for market volatility.

  1. Diversify Your Investments

A crypto portfolio with a diverse market cap has greater potential in terms of security and profitability. To diversify, your portfolio should be a blend of high, medium, and low market cap coins. This diversity serves you in the short and long term.

With a diverse portfolio, you can better plan for growth without exposing yourself to too much risk. Considering the volatile nature of the crypto market, a diverse portfolio can give you a cushion when the ranking of some coins drops. While that may affect your investment somehow, you can leverage on other currencies that are doing well in the market. That way, losses are minimized, and your portfolio remains agile.

  1. Choose Assets Based On Performance And Potential

With the diverse and enticing crypto options available, it can sometimes leave you wondering which cryptocurrency to choose. While this is a common challenge for most crypto investors, you can make a practical choice by considering the proper criteria.

Before choosing an asset, you should check its current performance and consider its investment potential. It’s safer to choose assets that have been around for a while and have built a steady and credible reputation. This doesn’t mean you can’t invest in newer coins, but, then, you should keep your eye more on those with high market caps and trade volumes.

The good thing is crypto allows investors to buy assets in fractions. So, you can purchase assets in bits and experiment with different assets.

  1. Utilize Crypto Trackers

Once you begin to diversify your portfolio, you’ll need a crypto tracker. You may need to deal with several wallets and exchange platforms, enabling you to maximize valuable opportunities. However, doing all these can be overwhelming. With crypto trackers, you can monitor and gain insight into the total amount and value of your cryptocurrency across various wallets and platforms.

Tracker apps provide valuable information, such as the worth of coins, their destinations, sources, and the live price of the coins they support. If one cryptocurrency outperforms the other, you’ll see it taking a larger portion of your overall portfolio.

Besides, these trackers make your transactions happen conveniently since you can trade on different platforms through a single account. Although this feature comes with a fee, it’s usually affordable and valuable.

  1. Allocate New Capital To New Assets

You’re in the market to make a profit. Finding a coin that consistently gives you great rewards can be exciting. If you’ve gained much from one coin, you may be tempted to keep pumping in more money.

Here’s the catch: building a great portfolio requires that you avoid placing too much weight on one area of your portfolio. Rather than pumping all your resources into your most profitable coin, apportion some capital into new or different areas of your portfolio. This will help spread the weight of your portfolio out from different angles. By doing so, you can have a well-balanced portfolio.

  1. Do Not Hesitate To Rebalance When Necessary

Portfolio rebalancing is changing how assets weigh in an investment portfolio. It involves buying and selling portions of your portfolio so that the weight of each class of asset can return to its original state. You can also adopt rebalancing when readjusting the weighing of an asset due to a change of strategy or risk tolerance level.

To have your portfolio align with your investment strategy or risk profile, rebalancing is essential. Through rebalancing, you’ll sustain your investment plan and be able to implement changes that yield greater returns. Professionals recommend that investors rebalance their portfolios every quarter. However, yearly rebalancing is also sufficient.

  1. Have A Long-Term Perspective

Keeping a long-term perspective is one of the essential practices that help build an excellent crypto portfolio. Irrespective of the market movements, as at the time you’re buying, you should be willing to consider factors that may not be currently playing out, but will most likely do. Additionally, a long-term perspective strengthens your patience and persistence level.

Crypto investments come with unique risks. You can get discouraged easily when you hit a brick wall if you keep a short-term perspective. As you trade, you must be a student of the market, analyzing current market movements, and anticipating future trends. All investors may not have the same qualities, but those who win are the patient ones. To be patient, you must think and see beyond now.


Cryptocurrency can be used in several anonymous use cases, including anonymous hosting. But, to enjoy the privilege, you’ll need to build and manage your portfolio. Successful investors build a richly diversified and agile portfolio by following the tips above.