Virgin Media Error 302

How to fix Virgin Media Error 302

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Virgin Media Error 302 is the an error which occurs when you are no longer able to send attachments via webmail. It is encountered when your webmail server is not loading properly. You get to face and fix Virgin Media Error 302 when you try to add attachments with your email and try to send it on bulk. The attachments also get failed even if your attachment is of 1 Mb or higher.

Virgin Media is one of the leading telecommunications companies operating in UK and providing various digital services. Virgin Media aims at transforming lives and boosting businesses by making them understand the power of digital technology.

Causes of Virgin Media Error 302

There can be several causes for Virgin Media Error 302. Some of the common causes are listed below :

  • Can be caused by the firewall/system protection component of the antivirus you are using.
  • If the Internet browser you are using crashes unexpectedly.
  • Version of your browser is not up to date.
  • You are trying to send ‘bulk emails’ via BCC of around 80 addresses.
  • If you have recently changed your email password and are facing problem while authenticating.

These are some very common causes due to which Virgin Media users face the Virgin Media Error 302.

How to fix Virgin Media Error 302?

There can be several ways to fix the Virgin Media Error 302 therefore invest your time reading this blog to get out and fix Virgin Error code 302. Steps to fix Virgin media error 319

Steps to fix Virgin Media Error 302

  1. Restarting the computer in safe mode.
  2. Try switching to other Internet browser like from IE to Chrome.
  3. Try switching off your antivirus security or System Firewall or Network Firewall if any. For doing this, right click on the tray icon of your antivirus and select to disable online protection. To turn off system firewall

if you are using a Windows OS then follow the following steps:

  1. Press “Windows+r” (to open the run window)
  2. Type “firewall.cpl” and press enter key.
  3. Now disable the firewall by choosing “Turn Windows firewall on or off” on the left panel.

(Although this step is not appreciated if you are in a secured network like at your workplace)

  1. Try updating your current Internet browser to the latest version.
  2. Keep in mind the limit of BCC addresses also check that at least one address should be in ‘TO’ field of the email.
  3. Try updating the saved password in the browser’s auto save.

Virgin Media Customer Care Number

If the problem still persists, contact Virgin Media Customer care number UK toll free. Get in touch with us at Virgin Media Email helpline number for any kind of Virgin Media Error and get the best advice by the team online via chat or call.