How to Write SEO Friendly Content

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

Search Engine Optimization

Now i am going to discus an important SEO factor that is How To Write SEO Friendly Content for blog, article and website. You can help your readers by clearing the concept of a post by providing headings, subheadings, bullet points and clear paragraphs. Follow below the tips to write SEO friendly article to increase website traffic and rankings.

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

Keyword Research

Before you can start writing the content, you have to do keyword research. you will just have to figure out which words your audience actually searches for like topics you should write about the content.

Think About Structure for Your Post

To optimize your Content make a good Structure of post like some sort of introduction including the topic, a body and heading and sub-heading try to give some important bullet points. Also Read: How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO

Place Your Targeting Keyword in First Paragraph

According to Yoast SEO plugin, You must to place your targeting Keyword in First Paragraph to optimize your content.

Use Shorten and Clear Paragraphs

Don’t start each new sentence on a new line, just because it looks nice. There should be a logical reason for starting a new paragraph. Each paragraph should have its own idea or subject. try to Keey your paragraph shorten ( 3-4 Line ) Only.

Use Headings and Sub-heading

Heading and sub-heading are important not just for readability, but for SEO as well. Headings also help Google to knowing the main topics of a long post and therefore can help in your ranking. You should also read about latest On Page SEO Checklist and Off Page SEO Optimization Techniques.

Optimize the Length of Your Content

Make sure your articles must have a minimum of 300 words. If your article is too long – and not so easy to read – it might irritate users.

Link to Previous Content

If you have already written content on the related topic as your current post, don’t forget to link these posts together. It will make your post stronger because you show some authority on the subject. As well as that, your link structure is also important for your Google rank.

Optimize Your keyword Density

To Optimize your content you should optimize your keyword density. The average of good keyword density is 2-3%.