Best Sugar Brands in India

List of 15 Best Sugar Brands in India 2023

Top Brands

Let know about the best Sugar brands in India in terms of crushing capacity, daily use, sell and good for health. India is the world’s second largest producer of sugar or chini after Brazil. The most significant are that added sugar in meals acts as a sweetener, texture modifier, preservative, fermentation substrate, coloring, flavoring, and bulking agent. Sugar is useful for all types of food preparation due to its variety of properties.

The product is utilized to give texture and structure to food. There are a lot of good options in the market providing premium quality products. Here we are going to discuss the best sugar brands in India and best quality organic sugar as well.

We have brought you a list that can help you choose the best organic sugar brands in India that can give you a gift of good health.

Organic sugar is a chemical free sugar also know sulfur free sugar. Regular sugar is treated with many chemicals and thus is harmful, whereas organic sugar is not treated with toxic materials like pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

Learn about the health benefits and factors you should consider before buying the sugar.

How to Choose the Best Sugar Brands?

Multiple varieties of sugar are available in the Indian market today that you can choose from according to your needs. You can find white sugar, brown sugar, castor sugar and liquid sugar. If you love unprocessed food items, you can also check out some organic options that are free of chemicals and artificial colouring. Good quality sugar can be bought anywhere between Rs 44 to Rs 200 in India.

List of Top 15 Sugar Brands in India


Dhampure sugar is an Indian Sulphur free sugar brand that offers many hygienic and pure sugar products. It is a well known producer of high quality sugar. The product line is designed to meet the demands of customers. It is one of the major sugar manufacturers in India, dedicated to the production and sale of chemical-free and 100% natural sugars.


  • No chemical preservatives
  • and No artificial coloring
  • No artificial sweeteners


  • Packaging may tear easily


Sugarlite is an innovative sugar brand in India that offers 100% natural sugar created from a combination of stevia and sugar. So it has the richness of sugar but with half the calories. It has various health and well being benefits for you and your family.


Low glycaemic index
Good for weight watchers
100% natural


  • May cause bloating in some people


Trust is an Indian sugar brand owned by the Simbhaoli Group, which began in 1933 as a sugar factory in Simbhaoli, Uttar Pradesh. The Simbhaoli Group has evolved into a broad farm to consumer FMCG enterprise with leading brand names in staples, food, drinks, personal care, home care and agri-input categories.


  • No artificial flavours
  • No artificial colour
  • Easy to dissolve


  • Crystals are too white


Vedaka is an Amazon India brand that provides spices, dry fruits, groceries, pulses, lentils, grains, tea leaves, oils, flours, dried fruits, and other everyday items. It is subjected to comprehensive laboratory tests to meet the FSSAI standards. White refined sugar that is pure and unadulterated.


  • Easy to dissolve granules
  • Hygienically packed


  • Granule size may be a little too small


Madhur is a retail brand from the Shree Renuka Sugars portfolio founded in 2007. It is one of the fastest growing sugar brands in India. Madhur has a strong presence in grocery stores across Gujarat, Karnataka, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra and is on the shelves of major food malls, online retailers, and food chains.


  • Sulphur less sugar
  • Hygienic


Fortune is one of the popular Indian food items brand owned by Adani Wilmar. It is the India’s leading FMCG food companies, offering the most important kitchen commodities for Indian customers, such as sugar, edible oil, rice, wheat flour, and pulses. As per the DRHP report, Adani Wilmar had a combined net profit of Rs 727.64 crore in 2020-2. It is free of Sulphur and produced using a Sulphur-free technique.


  • Sulphur free sugar processing
  • Free of contaminants
  • Safe for everyday usage


  • Crystals are too white

24 Mantra

24 Mantra Organic was established in 2004 in Hyderabad. Raj Seelam established the Indian organic food company 24 Mantra. It is a specialized food business dedicated to ensuring farmers’ livelihoods, consumers’ sustainable lifestyles, and a sustainable world. 24 Mantra is one of the largest Indian organic food products brands, working with 45,000 farmers across 15 states on 2,25,000 acres to improve their lives.


  • Organic
  • No pesticides
  • No GMO


  • Has white colour instead of light brown

Uttam Sugar

Uttam Sugar is an Indian sugar brand by Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. It is one of the country’s leading producers of Refined Sugar. Uttam Sugar is presently generating high-grade sugar with its substantial R&D work. Uttam Sugar was founded on ecology, health, justice, and compassion.


  • No pesticides
  • No fertilizers
  • Fresh

Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva is a well known brand founded by yoga guru and spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The brand approaches health and wellbeing holistically. The company has a strong commitment to the community, proudly supporting the Art of Living foundation’s social and rural welfare programmes. One of the best national sugars available, with a rich taste and flavor.


  • Organic
  • Low in calories
  • Easy to dissolve


  • May not be as pure

Herms Organic

Herms Organic is a brand of Indian foods owned by Herms Nature Private Limited. It offers high quality organic products that are devoid of chemicals and preservatives. All of the Herms Organic products are high in important vitamins and nutrients due to the natural processing method.


  • Sulphur less
  • Untouched
  • Rich in minerals


  • A little pricey

Pro Nature

Pro Nature is a Bangalore based organic food products firm founded by Varun Gupta and Nidhi Gupta in 2006. The product line offers a wide range of food items certified organic by an internationally recognized Swiss based certification body, IMO Control. Regulars white sugar available in pack weighs 1 kg.


  • Organic
  • Sulphur less
  • No chemicals


  • Colour may wash away

Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd.

With the crushing capacity of 76,500 tonnes of sugarcane per day, the Balrampur sugar mill is the one of the largest sugar producer in India. The plant has a total of ten saplings, eight in eastern Uttar Pradesh and two in central Uttar Pradesh. What does Balrampur Chini Mills stand out company is involved in its subsidiary business of manufacturing ethanol and co-manufacturing. The company is headquartered in Kolkata.

Market Cap (Rs Crore): 3,248.70
Book Value (Rs.): 112. : 3
Face Value (RS): 1.00
Dividend yield. (%): 1.40
Total Assets (Rs. Crore): 4,747.87

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd.

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited is an industrial conglomerate with diversified interests in the manufacture of sugar with finest grains. After a modest start with a crushing capacity of 2500TCD in Bijnor district, Uttar Pradesh, the company has also expanded into ethanol and industrial alcohol production. The company is today one of the largest Chinese sugar manufacturers in India.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 570.55
Book Value (Rs.): 25.94
Face Value (RS): 1.00
dividend yield. (%): 3.07
Total assets (Rs crore): 1176.79

Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd.

Apart from being one of the largest Chinese manufacturing companies in India, Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited also focuses on engineering. The company has involved over 250,000 farmers in its sugarcane marketing and development initiatives. Triveni Engineering & Industries Limited also owns 21.8% equity capital in Triveni Turbine Limited.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 1,879.42
Book Value (Rs.): 51.25
Face Value (RS): 1.00
Dividend yield. (%): 1.45
Total assets (Rs. Crore): 3,936.02

Dhampur Bio Organics Limited

DBOL sells its refined sugar in a package of 1 and 5 kilograms under the brand name Dhanpur sulfur free sugar. With a crushing capacity of 45,500 MT of sugarcane each day, the company is able to produce 1700 MT of refined sugar per day. Dhampur is credited with producing India’s first sulfur free sugar.

Market Cap (Rs. Crore): 973.24
Book Value (Rs): 207.12
Face Value (RS): 10.00
Dividend yield. (%): 3.32
Total assets (Rs. Crore): 2173.45

Final Thought

As you know sugar is an essential need in every Indian home. It is important that you buy what’s pure, organic and best for your family. In the list above, we know some of the most reliable, trusted sugar brands in India that make organic, refined, chemical free, and sulphurless sugar that you can use to enhance your dishes.


Which brand of sugar is best?

Dhampure, Sugarlite and Fortune are some of the best sugar brands in India that offer good quality products at the best prices.

Which sugar is good for health?

Sulphurless sugar is good for health.

Which sugar is best for daily use?

While regular sugar is fine for daily use, when taken in moderation. You can also look at alternatives such as jaggery, stevia, and monkfruit as they are generally considered better by experts.

Which is the best selling sugar brand?

24 Mantra and Dhampure are the best selling sugar brands on Amazon.