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If you are in search of tools that can help you to check seo score or analyze different aspects of your website, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find out the details about the best online website seo checker tools that can help you optimize your website in a better way. Checking different seo factors and the overall credibility of your website is very important if you want to beat your competition.

You must know that you can never perfect anything in the website business as there is always room for improvements. The search engines also keep on spinning their ranking factors. So if you want to keep up with them, you have to ensure that you use the best seo tools for general reviews and auditing!

The best SEO checker tools that can help you analyze your website!

Out of hundreds of seo related tools on the web, we have handpicked the ones that have a good reputation and reliability in the market:

Website SEO Checker by SmallSEOTools

The website seo checker tool by is one out of hundreds of free tools offered by this website. One should know that this online seo checker is very easy to use and is among the most helpful seo tools offered by the site. The working process is straightforward, and you would not need any practice or skills to check seo score on this tool on your first go.

You have to open the tool and enter your domain URL in the designated space on the tool. Based on the input feed, the tool would get you results regarding your seo score. This website seo checker would make a complete audit and would provide you information and suggestions relevant to the following aspects:

  1. Page Title
  2. Meta descriptions
  3. Meta keywords
  4. Google search results preview
  5. Keyword density test
  6. Heading and subheading status
  7. txt test
  8. Sitemap test
  9. Broken Links
  10. Content quality
  11. Domain authority check
  12. SEO check

Google search console

Google search console is another fabulous tool that can help you in seo check of your website without any hurdles. When you have any concerns relevant to search engine optimization, you should always go to the Google search console. This search tool is considered powerful because the search engine has built the software itself. The search console can provide you insights into the expectations of the search engine towards your website.

You have to enter your website address in the tool. You can easily know whether your new pages can be indexed or not. Can also find out how Google sees your website and can find the different seo errors on your website. Search console can also provide you suggestions for upgrading your site.


Ahref is a very famous platform that offers tons of cloud-based tools to check different aspects of your website. You can use Ahref on your browser like an ad-on. With the help of Ahref, you can easily help yourself make a complete website audit without any problem.

Ahref can easily tell you about your domain rating, domain authority, page authority, spam score and other basic scores of your site. Along with this information, the tools would also tell you about improper redirects, suspicious outbound links, and suggestions for staying updated on seo affecting issues!


Moz and Moz pro are both well-known tools that can help you get to know your website’s different seo aspects. This tool offers tons of applications with the help of making keyword research, tracking your ranking position, site crawl, on-page score, and backlinks. Using these tools can help you find the current position of your website and your competition.

Moz can help you find out and resolve the seo issues created because of duplicate content, thin content, slow load time, missing headings, poor structure and other petty mistakes. If you want to take your website to the top ranks, we suggest you give this tool a fair shot!

Check my Links

This is a very popular tool cum extension that you can use on any browser. Check my links works perfectly fine on Google Chrome, and you can get the extension of it for free. You should know that this tool solely works for finding bad and broken links for your website/webpage.

The tool can also highlight the high authority links on your website in green colour. The lighted read links by the tool are the ones that you have to change or remove. Backlinks are important for your website and the seo score, so you have to ensure that your links are in perfect health!

If you use these online seo reviews and audit tools, you can regularly perform seo analyse on your site. This would help you beat your competition and get on the higher SERPs!